How To Find Out The Rss Of A Site

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How To Find Out The Rss Of A Site
How To Find Out The Rss Of A Site

Video: How To Find Out The Rss Of A Site

Video: How To Find Out The Rss Of A Site
Video: How to find the RSS Feed URL of any website? Discover hidden RSS feeds! 2023, September

Having found an interesting resource on the Internet, you can always connect the site's RSS and keep abreast of new publications. Let me remind you that an RSS feed, an RSS feed, or as it is also called an RSS feed, is a convenient way to follow the news and announcements of your favorite sites without visiting the sites themselves. Typically, an RSS feed contains headlines, plus small overviews with a link to the main information page. How do you find out the RSS of a site? Quite simply, there are several ways.

How to find out the rss of a site
How to find out the rss of a site

It is necessary

computer with Internet access


Step 1

Look carefully at the site page. Typically, an RSS subscription is indicated by the icon. The RSS icon is easy to recognize - a point and two half arcs. And RSS feed subscriptions are prominently displayed at the top of the page.

Step 2

Most often, but not necessarily, RSS uses orange tones and the traditional square or circular shape of the icon. But do not focus only on this form. Recently, more and more hand-drawn RSS icons have appeared in the form of various items, products and animals.

Step 3

You can also find the site's RSS by an inscription similar to the following: “follow the news via RSS”, “RSS subscription”, “FEED subscription”. These labels can already be buttons-links to the RSS feed.

Step 4

If you can't find the RSS visually, enter a standard search query into the search box: https:// site name / rss and click Inter.

Step 5

Also, to find out the RSS of a site, you can use one of the following search formats: https:// site name /? Feed = rsshttps:// site name /? Feed = rss2https:// site name /? Feed = rdfhttps:// site name site /? feed = atom

Step 6

You can find out and at the same time subscribe to the site's RSS using special programs for reading RSS feeds. One of the advantages of such programs is the ability to independently find all the RSS feeds of the desired site. To do this, it is enough to enter the name of the Internet resource, the program will find the rest by itself.

Step 7

And the last way to find out the RSS of a site is to make a request in any search engine. Write the name of the site and add the RSS.