How To Remove URLs In The Browser

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How To Remove URLs In The Browser
How To Remove URLs In The Browser

Video: How To Remove URLs In The Browser

Video: How To Remove URLs In The Browser
Video: How to remove URLs from browsers | Delete URLs from browsers| A basic thing 2023, December

Regardless of which browser you use, they all tend to remember the visited web addresses. You start typing a word in the address bar and the browser gives you a list of web pages. Such "tips" are designed for the convenience of users, but sometimes it becomes necessary to hide the fact of visiting a particular resource.

How to remove URLs in the browser
How to remove URLs in the browser

It is necessary

  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Mozilla Firefox web browser;
  • - Opera web browser;
  • - Internet Explorer web browser;
  • - Google Chrome web browser.


Step 1

To remove the address from the Mozilla Firefox browser, find the "Settings" item in the main menu. In the window that opens, click on the "Privacy" tab and follow the link "Clear your recent history". Choose the period of time for which you want to delete the history of your transitions, or delete all addresses from the browser memory. In the "Privacy" tab, you can also prevent the browser from remembering the history of visiting websites from now on.

Step 2

If you use the Opera browser, then you need to go to the browser menu and select the "Settings" item. In the drop-down menu, find the line "Delete personal data". In the settings window, you will be prompted to select the data that you want to delete. In our case, put a tick in front of the item "Clear browsing history" and confirm the deletion.

Step 3

The data about visited pages in Internet Explorer can also be deleted through the browser menu. Find the item "Service" and in its drop-down menu, click on the line "Internet Options". In the "General" tab, check the "Delete browsing history on exit" checkbox and click "Delete". In the "Delete browsing history" window, check the box next to the "Log" item and confirm the deletion.

Step 4

In order to delete your browsing history from Google Chrome, find the wrench icon on the browser toolbar and select "Tools". Click on the line "Clear browsing data" and in the window that opens, mark "Clear browsing history". Now manually select the data you want to delete and click on "Delete browsing data".