How To Create A Dynamic Ip

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How To Create A Dynamic Ip
How To Create A Dynamic Ip

Video: How To Create A Dynamic Ip

Video: How To Create A Dynamic Ip
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A dynamic IP address is assigned based on the network connection technology you are using. It also depends on which ISP provides you with Internet services.

How to create a dynamic ip
How to create a dynamic ip


Internet connection


Step 1

Make sure your ISP provides you with a static IP address. You can check this by disconnecting your internet connection and your local network connection. After that, remove the cables from the modem or router, then turn off the computer and wait for the reset for about 15-20 minutes.

Step 2

After that, plug the cable back in, turn on the computer, make a local network connection and connect to the Internet. Check if your IP address has changed, use special Internet resources to determine the address, for example,

Step 3

If you have a static IP address, find out the technical support phone number of your provider. You can also get information regarding the transition to a dynamic address on the official website of the service provider, however, it is best to ask about this directly from the technical support worker. Find out if your ISP provides dynamic addresses and what steps you need to take to change it.

Step 4

After receiving a dynamic IP address from your ISP, change the network connection settings. To do this, go to their properties and in the DNS and IP settings section, specify automatic receipt of addresses for both parameters. Please note that when setting up the Internet must be turned off, this also applies to the connection via the local network.

Step 5

If your ISP only provides a static IP address, change your service provider. Please note that using a dynamic computer address is not always convenient, for example, if you are using your computer as a server. If you want to set a dynamic connection address for security purposes, remember that this will not prevent other users from identifying your identity if they find you have violated the rules for using the resources.

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