How To Translate Minecraft Mods

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How To Translate Minecraft Mods
How To Translate Minecraft Mods

Video: How To Translate Minecraft Mods

Video: How To Translate Minecraft Mods
Video: Minecraft: Google Translate Edition 2023, December

Any interesting mods will diversify Minecraft, make the gameplay in it even more exciting. However, not every Russian fan of computer games can enjoy such advantages; poor knowledge of English will be a hindrance to him. There is only one way out - to translate the mods into Russian.

Russification will make it easier to understand the features of the mod
Russification will make it easier to understand the features of the mod

It is necessary

  • - archive with mod
  • - special programs for translation
  • - archiver


Step 1

If you have encountered certain difficulties in applying Minecraft modifications due to your lack of knowledge of English, try translating such game add-ons. You do not have to stop the gameplay when any inscription in a foreign language appears and look for its translation in the dictionary, if you once Russify the mod and play with it in this form. For this, you will need various translation programs (for example, InClassTranslator) and a special text editor (in this regard, many gamers praise Notepad ++).

Step 2

Download and install the above software products, as well as search the web for archives with mods. Use reliable online resources for this, so as not to accidentally get broken or viral files on your computer. Copy the entire directory with Minecraft to any safe place. This will help in case of failure with the installation of Russified mods - then you can easily roll back the game to its original state.

Step 3

Copy the contents of the mod archive into a separate folder and translate them already there. If such a modification contains documents with the.class extension, open InClassTranslator (or any similar program suitable for reading files of this type) and through it go to the above documents. Find among the mod files those that contain English text - the names of various items, ores, etc. Open them one by one and in a special window for translation, enter the Russian counterparts of these phrases with a capital letter. If you don't know exactly how they are translated, use the tips of any relevant online services or ordinary dictionaries.

Step 4

Make sure that all finished files are saved correctly and still have the.class format. Otherwise, they simply will not open for you, and the mod may work incorrectly, with malfunctions. Follow the above steps with absolutely all documents containing text in need of translation. Upon completion of the process, install your Russified mod in the game directory as required by the instructions for it.

Step 5

If your modifications are contained in a jar archive, open the folder with the mod installer with the archiver, save its contents to any place on the computer disk space, from where you plan to take files for their subsequent Russification. Now go to the lang folder of the mod directory. Select English - en_US from the available language files. Right-click on it and in the drop-down list select to edit it using Notepad ++ (or its equivalent).

Step 6

In the text file that opens, there will be many lines listing various materials and objects (for example, blockIronFurnace = IronFurnace) that are found in the mod that you are Russifying. Manually translate each value specified after the equal sign (and only these phrases - you don't need others), and replace its English spelling with Russian (in the above example, you will get something like blockIronFurnace = IronFurnace). Write words without spaces and at least capitalize the first of them. When the translation is complete, save the file, close it and install your Russified mod.