Dota2. How To Find YOUR Hero And Drag Games To Him

Dota2. How To Find YOUR Hero And Drag Games To Him
Dota2. How To Find YOUR Hero And Drag Games To Him

Video: Dota2. How To Find YOUR Hero And Drag Games To Him

Video: Dota2. How To Find YOUR Hero And Drag Games To Him
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How to find one among all the heroes in DotA, having played on which, you will never be able to refuse it? This article is intended to help you with this choice.

Dota2. How to find YOUR hero and drag games to him
Dota2. How to find YOUR hero and drag games to him

A few words from the author:

This article is more of a research paper. You should not take it as a guide, and wait for a clear guide to action here. I urge you to read it purely for interest purposes. It will help you take a fresh look at the heroes of Dota. Enjoy reading!

The International 3 took place just recently. Those who were interested - they know, others will be interested to know now that the grand final of the tournament was watched by as many as 850 kilo people. What does it mean? It's just that Dota2 is an e-sports discipline that is increasingly taking on the shape of a sports discipline. That is, developing (in a positive or negative direction - not so important for what we are talking about) not only the culture of the game, but also the culture of the entire community. More and more people are joining, first of all, watching games, watching the game as a spectacle. And this is a very big impetus for the popularization of esports.

In the shadow of the aforementioned "most grandiose event of the year", another, not so bright, but so significant event took place that it can affect the entire further development of esports. The release of Dota2, ladies and gentlemen, will bring an unknown number of millions of players into the ranks of the fans of this game. Just think how big is the scale of our community with all its culture of the game (whoever says what, and the culture, though not everywhere, rises with every game played in the pub), its esports icons, with all the entertainment and richness of beautiful moments of DotA.

Now remember, as a child, you played football in the yard. Where if someone in the team played badly - he was certainly spread rot, but, nevertheless, everyone tried to take the game out on their shoulders. And this is really a ROYAL business. Some, maybe all, remember how you wanted to play really cool. In order not only to tear and toss in the wasteland behind the school, but also to play and win at the largest stadiums in the world. Well? I think many will be able to draw an analogy with their feelings about Dota. Here's a simple example of the scale of our culture. Don't think that this is bad. The world is changing, so are we all. Of course, games shouldn't be something like they are described in the stories of nerds: as if the game is to blame. Many people play football, you know, and they play in the yard at 25, I don't think anyone will condemn them. And sport and games are generally quite simple to combine.

So, to summarize, friends:

As a result, after a while, we will have a multimillion-dollar army of players, who may not yet understand Dota, but inspired by such players as Dendi, s4, Mushi and ChuaN.

An army of players who want to find themselves in this game. The game is so deep that it can grow and develop as long as we have enough fuse with you. After all, we all contribute to the development of our community. We are all the creators of DotA.

What is this article about? The article reveals the answers to the questions asked by a person who has played DotA for, say, a couple of weeks. He has already tried a dozen or two heroes, he feels great (as it seems to him) on the map, he does not break off to write any unpleasant words in the chat. And now he feels a desire that will lead him in the end through all the heroes, of which, by the way, are becoming more and more. He wants to find something of his own. Something that will really please him. He wants to find his hero. In the process of searching, he learns what roles in the game are, begins to think tactically and strategically in the game, develops more or less his own style of play, and we get an average state gamer.

However, you don't need to go that long way. No, of course, you have to try all the heroes. But it is better to combine with this the game on your favorite characters. Just remember how you dragged on this or that hero. You know every nuance of the game for him, you are interested in playing for him, you understand this hero with your heart, and it seems to you that the others do not know how to play him. This will give you confidence in yourself, because then you will really know what you are worth. Those who played counter will remember how important it is sometimes to go to your favorite points in the pub (eh, I loved to take a drain rush on the ramps). Therefore, it is important to ask the question as soon as possible: WHAT HERO WILL I LOOK PUB ON?

Play style. The first point, as they say. Why not something about roles? Because there are only a few roles, but the styles are endless. Yes, the role is given for a reason, but in DotA everyone KILLS, the main task is KILLS, whoever you play for, and even more so for supports, for whom it is very important not only to protect their carry, but to serve him tasty frags. Every hero can kill anyone. It's just that someone plays this hero as if eating cold porridge, while another, beaming with happiness, walks around the map, destroying all living things. Yes, it can happen to any hero you play. However, what you feel when playing in "your" style cannot be expressed in words. Think about it. This can be a very strategically mobile hero, such as a truck or a wisp. Or maybe tactical mobility - Weaver, Quinn of Pain, Anti-Mag - the abilities of these heroes allow them to feel great in a fight, giving them the opportunity to break into a batch, or get out of it in case of danger. Or maybe you want to break into a fight, bring such a naughty thing that opponents, with shaking hands, will spend all their important skills on you, and you, already sitting in the tavern, will watch the following picture with a smile on your face: an enemy team-wipe and remage from your carry. Then at your service are the initiating heroes - Magnus, Centaur, Ax. Their strength and ability growth will prove to be excellent, if you just purchase the Blink Dagger (well, learn how to use it). Styles are endless, and each character has several possible ones. Look at the hero cards, there you can see the following:

• Carry

• Disabler

• Lane Support

• Initiator

• Jungler

• Support

• Durable

• Nuker

• Pusher

• Escape

All of these categories define the style of play. There are a few more, which, unfortunately, are not there, but, nevertheless, they are also important:

• Ganker

• Roamer

Information about each of the categories can be found when you move the cursor over the corresponding circle when choosing a hero. Therefore, I will not indulge in spatial reasoning.

The role of the hero in the game. Style determines the role - it's true. All of Wisp's abilities are aimed at helping to kill enemies for his team. However, this rule does not work in the opposite direction: Naga Siren's picks at TI3 as a support hero are direct evidence of this. Absolutely any hero can play any role. It's just that some hero is better for one, and terrible for another. But the game does not prohibit Disruptor from buying crits or MKB. Efficiency is another matter, but everything is possible, right? I am by no means recommending any of all potential supports to carry. I am a completely supporter of the fact that you need to reveal the potential of heroes, and not destroy it. I just want to show you that in Dota2, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. This is the wealth and beauty of this game. In general, I think there are only 4 roles: Carry, Support and Solo-lane. The latter role is divided into 2 more: Mid-lane and Off-lane. I'll explain a little here.

• Carry. You are definitely going to get this game out. Farm. Farm until you feel ready to rush into 2-3 heroes and wind their whiskers around their eggs. Don't die. However, do not leave your teammates to their fate while you have a long and difficult farming process.

• Support. Your task in this match is to help your team get back on their feet in the first 15-20 minutes, and in the future - to support it so that it does not collapse. You - set the pace in the first minutes of the match. You - determine the entire further course of the game. Hinder the enemy carry, defend your own, put wards, make smoke ganks, attempts to set the vector of the game development to the result in which you will be the winners.

• Mid-lane Hero. Your task is to defend the center line, take 6 lvl, and become the backbone of your team from 10 to 20 minutes. Nuker, Ganker and Initiator style heroes are great for this role. Mid-game is your time. Time to kill.

• Off-lane Hero. Well, the latter role, one of the most underrated and rarely used in a pub. You were sent alone against 2-3 enemy heroes. Do you understand why? In DotA, the amount of experience and money is strictly limited. If someone received it, it means that someone did not receive it. Therefore, your task is not to die, to take the highest possible level, and, if possible, to cause all kinds of inconvenience to your enemies. All tasks are categorized in order of importance. The heroes of the Escape style are suitable, because they have the opportunity to leave in case of danger.

Roles are chosen in accordance with the game environment. If you picked the 5th carry in the pull (since this article is cultural, then I will probably refrain from criticizing you, especially since randomness sometimes works wonders), you should not take away the farm from the rest. Better think about how you can play the role of a support in your pull. What can YOU do to win this game.

The appearance of the hero. Many people don't give a damn about it. Including me. But many times I have met people who play as a hero just because they like the animation of the blow, skills, or just the model of the hero they like. If it matters to you, please. When you get a multi-faceted pleasure from the game, you feel more comfortable, which means you make better decisions during the match.


This article will not tell you: your calling is to play Puck or Chen. It will only help you figure out the heroes if you are a beginner, and will refresh your perspective on the choice of heroes if you are an experienced player. Remember - only by enjoying the game, you can drag. Therefore, do not miss the main thing: GAMES ARE FUN, NOT WORK. If you are a triharder (you shouldn't think that this is something bad, I also like to give my best when I play), then you are a triharder. This is the only way to enjoy the game. Look, first of all, at yourself, what you want while playing such a wonderful game like Dota2. And only then will you discover the development potential, your skill will begin to grow and, perhaps, you will break out onto the pro-scene of our community. Good luck and pleasant game, dear readers!