How To Craft A Saddle

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How To Craft A Saddle
How To Craft A Saddle

Video: How To Craft A Saddle

Video: How To Craft A Saddle
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In the Minecraft game, you can create all kinds of objects that are found in everyday life from various blocks. To move around the cube world faster, you can use a pig or a horse. To use race animals, you need to craft a saddle.

How to craft a saddle in Minecraft
How to craft a saddle in Minecraft


Step 1

Many minecrafters claim that the saddle in the game can be crafted, but this item cannot be crafted in the standard way for Minecraft. You can either find it or buy it.

Step 2

The saddle is a fairly rare item. To find him, most likely, you will need to visit many treasures and open a huge number of chests. If you are lucky, you will become the owner of a wonderful new saddle and will be able to saddle the animal.

Step 3

Since it is impossible to craft a saddle in Minecraft, and it is quite difficult to find it, in later versions of the game the developers provided for the purchase of this item. If you want to buy a saddle with your hard earned money, you can go to the village and find a butcher. He will be happy to give you the opportunity to become a rider for a small fee.

Step 4

In early versions of the game, with the death of a pig or horse, the saddle disappeared, but now you can become the owner of this item after destroying the saddled animal.

Step 5

If you managed to achieve what you wanted and get a saddle in Minecraft, you can put it on a mount by pressing the right mouse button, having first taken the saddle in your hand. You can climb on a saddled horse or pig by clicking the mouse again. Stop riding by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard.

Step 6

A saddled pig in Minecraft versions after 1.4.2 can be controlled with a carrot tied to a fishing rod.

Step 7

If you manage to find it or buy (craft a saddle), you can ride a pig or horse one block high. And if you throw snowballs while riding, then you can even fly an animal into the air. When driving on ice, the speed will be much higher. And if you jump into a trolley on a pig with a saddle, then you can ride on the rails endlessly.

Step 8

In Minecraft there is an achievement - to jump on a pig from a mountain. This must be done so that the pig dies.