How To Load An Address Classifier

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How To Load An Address Classifier
How To Load An Address Classifier

Video: How To Load An Address Classifier

Video: How To Load An Address Classifier
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In the course of economic activity, the enterprise is faced with the need to create and store address information. So, when sending the goods, the address of the counterparty is required, and to fill out personnel certificates - the address of the employee. The most convenient in this case is loading the address classifier into the 1C: Enterprise program.

How to load an address classifier
How to load an address classifier


Step 1

Launch the ITS disk that came with the 1C: Enterprise software. The address classifier, or KLADR, consists of 4 main files: kladr.dbf (address classifier), socrbase.dbf (abbreviation classifier), doma.dbf (house classifier), street.dbf (street classifier). You can find them in the folder on the ITS disk, which is located at / 1CIts / EXE / KLADR.

Step 2

Copy the files of the address classifier from disk to your personal computer. These documents are self-extracting archives, so just start the extraction procedure and wait for it to finish.

Step 3

Start the 1C accounting program in the "Enterprise" mode. Go to the "Operations" menu and select "Information registers" in the drop-down window. Highlight the "Address classifier" section in the window that appears and click the "OK" button. If you have not filled in the addresses before, a window will appear in which you must confirm the loading of the address classifier.

Step 4

Click the "Download" button on the command bar of the window that appears. Specify the path to the unpacked KLADR files in the download form. Select the regions for which the addresses are loaded. Click the "Download" button at the bottom of the window. After that, the loading process will begin, wait for it to end and you can use the classifier for its intended purpose.

Step 5

Download the address classifier for 1C: Salary and Human Resources Management. To do this, follow the same procedure as with the "Enterprise" operating mode, up to and including the path to the CLARD files. After that, select "DOS (866)" from the drop-down menu for encoding the supplied tables and mark the "2003" format.

Step 6

Then press the button "Load regions" and go to the tab "Filter by regions". Check the boxes you want. Press the "Download" button and start working with the address classifier.

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