How To Play Farm Frenzy 4

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How To Play Farm Frenzy 4
How To Play Farm Frenzy 4

Video: How To Play Farm Frenzy 4

Video: How To Play Farm Frenzy 4
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Farm Frenzy 4 is an addicting game where you will test your logic and attention. The fact that all actions must be done as quickly as possible adds to the excitement. The goal of the game is to complete tasks and collect all collections and achievements. Upon successful completion of the task, stars are awarded, for which you can buy improved factories and warehouses.

Farm Frenzy 4
Farm Frenzy 4

The plot of the game is that you have come to your grandparents on vacation and you will help them on the farm, completing various errands. To play Farm Frenzy 4, you need to understand the goals of the game.

Purpose of the game

The goal of the game is to complete all levels, collect collections and earn achievements.

For completing each individual task, you are awarded stars. The less time spent on solving the problem, the more stars. Stars are needed to buy improved buildings, without them you will not go to the next level. For example, if for the next level of tasks, a spinning mill of the fourth order is required, and there are not enough stars to buy it, then you should go through some tasks from the lower level again.

Items from collections drop when you perform actions with animals. For example, you can collect a collection of a cow by feeding this animal, collecting milk. It is possible to exchange the complete collection for a bonus in the game.

Achievements are awarded to you in the form of a cup, as a reward “for capturing 100 bears”, “for buying 100 animals”, “for completing all levels”, “for completing three levels without selling bears”, “for filling all the shelves in the warehouse” and others. … To find out what actions to aim for and what to complete in addition to the main task, check out the cups in the achievements section.

Quests in the game

The quest in each level is different. You can get acquainted with them before starting the passage of the level, during the game they are visible in a small window on the upper right, there is also a timer for completing the quest. Quests are about collecting a certain amount of money, catching bears, buying animals and making food.

Animals in the game Farm Frenzy 4 are different - they are chickens, cows and sheep. They walk around the farm, eat grass and leave wholesome food behind. Also on the farm you can meet predators - bears that land from the sky. If the bears are not caught in the boxes in time, they will tear the livestock to pieces. When you do not have time to move food (chicken eggs, sheep wool, cow's milk) to the warehouse, moles appear on the field and steal valuable supplies.

Chickens lay eggs, they can be sold. But the cost of eggs is not high, so first you need to send the eggs to the factory and get egg powder, its cost is twice as much, then you need to bake muffins from the powder in the bakery - they are several times more expensive than eggs. The finished product must be transported to the store and wait for the return of the car or plane with money.

Sheep give bags of wool, from which yarns are made in a spinning mill, and then fabrics are made in a weaving mill. To make more money, you need to send fabric to the store, not wool or threads.

The cows leave cans of milk on the farm, which should be processed in the factory into butter and then into cheese. Cheese is the most expensive product on the farm.

By producing food in factories and factories, you complete part of the tasks. Selling muffins, fabrics and cheese makes enough money. Money can buy new animals.

Tricks in the game

The game is primarily designed for logic. Before completing the task, you need to think over the entire algorithm of actions. For example, if the items in the task are to buy 15 chickens and collect 10 muffins, then first engage in baking muffins, selling them, you will have money for chickens. Remember that buying extra animals will waste time and money feeding them.

There are tricky moves in the game. For example, at the beginning of the game, a cow walks around the field, and in tasks it burns to produce fabric. In this case, it is better to sell the cow faster and not wait for milk, but to buy sheep for the proceeds.

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