How To Put An IP Filter

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How To Put An IP Filter
How To Put An IP Filter

Video: How To Put An IP Filter

Video: How To Put An IP Filter
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IP filters are used in private peer-to-peer networks and torrent trackers to protect against outside connections. The filter program filters out IP addresses that do not belong to a given network or a specific valid range. This allows you to limit external traffic as much as possible, which is unprofitable for users with limited Internet tariff plans or a limited data package.

How to put an IP filter
How to put an IP filter


Installed torrent client


Step 1

Download the IP filter file from your ISP's website. If you cannot find it, then contact the company's technical support service or try to download the list of addresses from a third-party Internet resource.

Step 2

Unpack the downloaded archive and move the resulting file (ipfilter.dat) to the folder with your torrent client (for example, C: / Program Files / uTorrent /).

Step 3

Go to the settings through the menu "Options" - "Settings" - "Advanced". Go to the "Advanced" item and change the value of ipfilter.enable to true. Apply the changes you made.

Step 4

If you are using uTorrent, click on the top menu item "Peers" and select Reload Ipfilter.

Step 5

Close the client using the "File" - "Exit" menu, and then start the program again.

Step 6

If, in addition to your local peer-to-peer network, you use other trackers, then install one more client program additionally. To connect to local servers, use the filter version of the application, and without it to download files from external sources.

Step 7

If the provider does not provide a filter, then you can make it yourself. Create an ipfilter.dat file, open it with standard Notepad in Windows. Enter in it the range of addresses that you do not allow connection as peers. Then move the file to the torrent client folder in the same way.

Step 8

If it is not possible to get denied IP addresses, use IPFilterGen to automatically generate a list. The application can be downloaded from the Internet. Run the utility and select your provider from the drop-down menu. Press the Generate key. To immediately save the file to the uTorrent folder, use Save ipfilter.dat to default location. If you are using another client, select the necessary directory for saving yourself via the Save ipfilter.dat to item.

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