How To Log In To ICQ

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How To Log In To ICQ
How To Log In To ICQ

Video: How To Log In To ICQ

Video: How To Log In To ICQ
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There are two ways to become a user of this service: by SMS and without SMS. Let's consider the second method in more detail, because it is easier and more convenient - this is its main advantage.

How to log in to ICQ
How to log in to ICQ


  • - availability of an internet connection;
  • - connection to the official client.


Step 1

First you need to register on the official icq website. Now a huge number of other sites have appeared on the Internet that also offer registration for free, but for your own safety, abandon them and use only official portals.

Moreover, it is not necessary to install the ICQ program, there are many other programs on the Internet that support ICQ, for example, agent, QIP, Miranda.

Step 2

So, you went to the official site, in the left corner, approximately in the middle of the page, there is a Login button, and under it there should be a small written Not an ICQ user ?. You just need to click on it. Next, a window with a questionnaire form will appear, fill it out, and what is marked with an asterisk must be filled out. Well, everything else is optional, and write down all the data somewhere in a notepad, so as not to simply forget.

Nickname is your invented username or pseudonym, it can be written in both Latin and Cyrillic, there are no restrictions on the number of characters.

Last Name is your last name.

First Name is your first name.

In principle, no one will check your passport, but it is better to write your real name and surname.

E-mail - your required e-mail. If you suddenly forgot your password, then it will be sent to the mail.

Age - the column where you indicate your age.

Next, there will be Choose a Password - data for the password, be sure to write it down so as not to forget. Confirm the Password - fill in the password again. Try to come up with a password that consists of both letters and numbers.

Step 3

Next comes the filling in of the security question, and it is to this question that you will be answering when recovering a forgotten password. Then you will see a control image in the form of numbers, which you will need to write in a special window and press the "Submit" button. If the phrase "An error has occurred" appears, it means that you need to enter everything again, but the phrase "Congratulations! Your new ICQ number is ***”means that you have successfully registered. Remember and write down your ICQ number. And to complete the registration, you just have to download the icq program, which is already in Russian, do everything according to the instructions and you can start communicating.

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