How To Add Data To The Site

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How To Add Data To The Site
How To Add Data To The Site

Video: How To Add Data To The Site

Video: How To Add Data To The Site
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After creating a site, there may be a need to edit previously published information or add new materials. The complexity of the activity depends on the nature of the data.

How to add data to the site
How to add data to the site


Step 1

1. To change or add information to a simple web page, you need to edit the code. The following tags will help to fit the most popular design and navigation elements: - - for images; -

- for tables; - - for links. Naturally, the list is not limited to this, more detailed information on the use of tags can be found on thematic resources, for example,

Step 2

If you are using a content management system, enter admin mode. To create a new page, select the "Add" command in the materials (articles) menu. The internal structure of the office and navigation systems, depending on the type of cms, may differ slightly.

Step 3

Pre-upload graphic files to the hosting, because links posted on free resources may become irrelevant over time and an empty window with alternative text will appear instead of an illustration.

Step 4

If you need to change the information published on the pages of the site, then open the page and you will see auxiliary icons-commands with which you can quickly change the material.

Step 5

It is necessary to paste voluminous text - copy it from another source, put the cursor in the desired place, press Ctrl + V. It will appear on the page. However, keep in mind that this may retain the previous formatting, so if you need to specify a different font, then it is better to change this parameter in the source file or edit it after insertion.

Step 6

You need to add data that should be displayed on all pages of the site without exception - go to the templates section. But before fixing anything here, just in case, copy and save the code in a notepad or a regular Word file. If you accidentally delete unnecessary things, you can always restore the lost information.

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