How To Upload Audio

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How To Upload Audio
How To Upload Audio

Video: How To Upload Audio

Video: How To Upload Audio
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Any computer user has something to share with others, such as photos or music. And if everything is simple with photographs, it is enough to create an album in Odnoklassniki or in a special service, then with audio the situation is more complicated. However, there is a way out of any situation. For example, you can use network file storage, or, as they are also called, file-sharing services.

How to upload audio
How to upload audio


Step 1

Open "My Computer" in any convenient way, from double-clicking on the icon on the desktop to pressing the keyboard shortcut "Win" + "E". Find the folder or files that you want to put on the Internet. Right-click on the desired folder or file and select Properties from the menu. On the first tab under the heading "General" find the line in which the size of the file or folder is written. For example, you have a file called "muzic1.mp3" and its size is 10 Mb. If the file size is more than 50 Mb, it is not suitable for most storage services. This is especially important for folders, which can be very large in size.

Step 2

If you want to upload several different files, or a large folder as a whole, you will have to or spend a lot of time adding one song to the storage. However, you can compress the selected data with an archiver, for example, ZIP. To do this, select all the files or folder you need. When highlighted, right-click on one of the files and select "Send" -> "Compressed ZIP Folder" from the menu.

Step 3

A line with the name of the archive will appear. Give it a name, or just press the "Enter" key if the name suggested by the system suits you. Check the size of the resulting file; it should not exceed the size allowed by the selected service.

Step 4

Launch any internet browser. Enter or in the address bar. The difference between these services is in the file size that can be placed, 350 Mb and 50 Mb for the first and second sites, respectively. There are other services that provide a place to store information, the principles of work are the same, but there may be different ways to download the laid out data.

Step 5

A page of the site will open with a button "Select a file". Click on this button and find the file you want to upload, or an archive. Click the Download button. A progress bar will appear below it - depending on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet access, it will take different time to download the data.

Step 6

When the download is finished, the settings page will appear. On it, you can specify a password to access the file - then only those who know this password can download it. You can also add a description and indicate your email address - then you will receive an email with a link to the statistics and management page, as well as a link to the data you posted. All this can be omitted.

Step 7

Click the "Save file" button on the site. A new page will open, which will contain all the information about the downloaded audio and a download link. It remains to copy this link and send it to those with whom you would like to share the music. Please note that files are stored for a limited time, usually about a month, especially if there are no constant requests and downloads to them.

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