How To Remove A Banner Image

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How To Remove A Banner Image
How To Remove A Banner Image

Video: How To Remove A Banner Image

Video: How To Remove A Banner Image
Video: How To Delete Channel Banner On Youtube 2023, March

An ad viral banner can infiltrate the operating system in various ways. It is important to be able to timely disable this module in order to quickly regain access to computer resources.

How to remove a banner image
How to remove a banner image


Dr. Web CuteIt


Step 1

The most popular types of banner ads have already been studied by anti-virus software developers. Special resources have been created to help disable the virus module. Visit the following sites:,, and / unlocker / index.

Step 2

To do this, you can use a mobile phone or any other computer that has access to the Internet. Fill in the special fields with information from the text of the ad module. Click the Get Code or Find Code button. Substitute the passwords suggested by the sites in the field of the virus module. The banner will turn off when you enter the correct combination.

Step 3

Download Dr. Web CureIt from Run the downloaded exe file and wait for the operating system scan to complete. If you cannot launch this application due to a virus banner, then boot the operating system in safe mode. To do this, press the Reset button on the case of the system unit and hold down the F8 key after the computer starts booting.

Step 4

Select "Windows Safe Mode" from the menu that appears. Run the Dr. Web Curelt utility after booting up the computer. In this mode, you can remove malicious files yourself. Open the Windows folder. It is located in the system partition of the hard drive.

Step 5

Navigate to the System32 directory. Enable sorting of files by their type. Find all dll files. Highlight those whose names end with the letters lib, such as gltlib.dll and qfalib.dll. Delete the highlighted files.

Step 6

Scan the system partition of your hard drive with an antivirus program. Restart your computer and enter the normal operating mode of the OS. Make sure there is no ad module.

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