How To Log Into A Local Server

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How To Log Into A Local Server
How To Log Into A Local Server

Video: How To Log Into A Local Server

Video: How To Log Into A Local Server
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A local area network is a network in the computer world that covers a small area, such as a group of offices or a residential building. To access a computer on a local network, you need to configure the operating system of the PC.

How to log into a local server
How to log into a local server


Step 1

Go to the "Start" menu, select the line "Control Panel", then "Network Connections". Select the Set Small Office or Home Network category in the Network Tasks window on the left. Next, the monitor will display the "Network Settings Wizard", which will play a decisive role and help in solving the problem.

Step 2

Now click "Next". A window will appear informing you that the network equipment has been detected by the wizard. If your PC has several network adapters installed at once, then select the one to which the network cable is currently connected. If you did everything correctly, then you will be offered several options for creating a connection.

Step 3

In the window that appears, you need to register the parameters by which the PC will be recognized on the network. It is not necessary to set the "Description of the computer", but its name should be very carefully thought out, since computers with the same names will not work on the same network.

Step 4

Now enter the name of the workgroup. You can come up with your own or leave the default. Please note that if all computers communicate with each other, then the name must be the same on all PCs. Reboot your computer.

Step 5

After that, go to "Start" again, click on "Control Panel", then on "Network Connections". Right-click on the created connection and select "Properties".

Step 6

Select "Internet Protocol" in the "Components Used by this Connection" window and go to the "Properties" option.

Step 7

In the line "Use the following ip-address" check the box, write there the numbers repeat the ip-address of the computer in the item "Default gateway". Restart your computer again.

Step 8

Now repeat all these points on other PCs of the local network. On each computer, increase the IP address by one. Everything. This completes the PC setup, you can use the network.

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