How To Change The Server Name

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How To Change The Server Name
How To Change The Server Name

Video: How To Change The Server Name

Video: How To Change The Server Name
Video: How to change host name or SQL server name 2023, March

When installing a ready-made server, which bears the name of the author, you may need to change its name. It's nicer to look at the server name you choose yourself. It won't take you a lot of time, and no specific skills are required.

How to change the server name
How to change the server name


Step 1

Open File Explorer. To do this, call the main menu of the operating system by pressing the "Start" button, select the "Programs" menu item, then "Standard", then click on the "Windows Explorer" item.

Step 2

After running the application, find a file called server.cfg. It is located in the following directory: C: \ CS \ strike server. Click on the file with the right mouse button and select "Notepad".

Step 3

Find the line containing the word hostname. Everything after this parameter, in quotes, change to the desired server name. It will look something like this: it was hostname “Zombies Disaster Horror”, replaced with hostname “new_server_name”.

Step 4

Log in to the game and go to the console to change the server name in another way - an alternative. Enter “hostname new_server_name” in it (written without quotes), then enter the restart command to apply the changes.

Step 5

In the search box, type dproto.cfg then press Enter. Open this file with Notepad and add the following to it:

# Game Name (string)

# Sets game name displayed for clients

#If Game name is empty, native game name will be used

Game Name = old_game_name.

Step 6

Next, find the server.cfg file and also open it through Notepad. Change the value of the line amx_gamename "old_game_name" to amx_gamename "Counter Strike", and then repeat the same in another file - amxx.cfg.

Step 7

Open the liblist.gam file using the same text editor.

Step 8

The meaning of the lines game "old_game_name", as well as url_info "www.old_game_name" on game "new_game_name" and, accordingly, url_info "new_game_name". Then reboot the CS server for all changes to take effect.

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