How To Limit Incoming Traffic

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How To Limit Incoming Traffic
How To Limit Incoming Traffic

A personal computer is often loaded with a wide variety of programs. Many of them are updated via the Internet. However, the user does not always want to waste traffic on unnecessary downloads.

How to limit incoming traffic
How to limit incoming traffic


Step 1

How do you restrict incoming traffic on a personal computer? For this, programs have been developed that belong to the Firewall category. In real time, they scan all threads that happen on the local machine and block unwanted connections. At the same time, you can independently add programs and sites that need to be denied access to the Internet connection.

Step 2

Find similar utilities on the Internet. At the moment, quite a lot of them have been developed. It is impossible to say which one is better or worse, since each software has its own positive and negative sides. Install to a local drive along with the operating system. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can make a copy of the entire system and programs, and then restore without loss.

Step 3

A shortcut will appear on the desktop with which you can launch the program. Typically, after installation, this software will automatically launch and an icon will appear in the tray. In this case, notifications about the permission of this or that connection will appear. This is the initial setting that is performed by the utility. Look carefully at each notice. There will be information about the connection, as well as about the program that is trying to connect to the Internet.

Step 4

After restarting the computer, the Firewall will work in full mode. When unwanted incoming connections appear, a notification from the program will appear. She can make decisions without your consent. Review the settings in the utility interface. A large number of instructions on this or that program belonging to the Firewall category have been written on the Internet.

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