How To Keep Followers After A Give

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How To Keep Followers After A Give
How To Keep Followers After A Give

Video: How To Keep Followers After A Give

Video: How To Keep Followers After A Give
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You can argue endlessly about whether to use givas as a method of promotion. I think one shouldn't go to extremes. And with the right approach to give, you can benefit from it. Today I suggest you figure out what to do to keep subscribers after the give.

How to keep followers after a give
How to keep followers after a give

It should be understood that subscribers will leave in any case, you cannot do anything about it. But it is in your power to reduce the unsubscription rate. To do this, you need to prepare in advance for the give.

How to Prepare?

Giveaway or Giveaway is a great way to quickly attract a large number of people to your page. If you are only interested in the number of subscribers, then everything will be fine until the give is over. And then what? Then a new give to block unsubscribes.

If the word “engagement” is meaningful to you, then you will have to try and interest new subscribers, convince them to stay and not hang a dead weight in your account, spoiling statistics.

To do this, you need to prepare well for the give. If you have a young account and you don't know how to attract an audience, then you should start from the very basics.

Audience analysis

Before creating content, you need to understand who your followers are and what they are interested in. You can find out basic information in Instagram Insight:

  • gender; age;
  • age;
  • geography;
  • audience activity by day and hour.

It is also important to define:

  • audience pain (what worries and hurts your subscribers, problems that you can help them solve);
  • average income;
  • interests.

You can do the audience analysis yourself, the simplest ways are to conduct a survey in Stories, study the profiles of active subscribers, find out who they are subscribed to.

Services for automatic audience analysis:

  • InstaHero - will help you to study in detail the profiles of subscribers (account type, country of residence, language, amount of time online);
  • Feedspy - analyzes the effectiveness of posts, thanks to the service you will be able to understand which topics "go" to the audience the most.

Content plan

So, now you know your audience "by sight", in order to interest subscribers, you need useful, interesting, relevant and, most importantly, regular content. The content plan will help you with this. You should register it even before the start of the give, but at the same time be ready to react to the news and implement it.

The content plan should contain:

  • date and time of publication;
  • post style;
  • the purpose of the post (to address a specific pain, answer a question, close an objection, engage, increase loyalty, etc.);
  • photo for publication;
  • post text;
  • hashtags to be used;
  • geolocation.
Example content plan
Example content plan

A few days before the give, during and after it, write the most interesting posts for your audience, share useful links, experiences, life hacks. Also, during a giveaway, it is better to refuse advertising on your page, so as not to alienate the audience.

Give started, what's next?

New subscribers go straight to Stories, so be active there.

  • welcome new subscribers and tell us about yourself;
  • arrange a question-answer heading;
  • repost 3-4 of your most successful posts with a short description;
  • give new subscribers a small gift - a free checklist, a discount on your product / service;

This is how the new audience will begin to be active. They also don't have to search for interesting information among all your posts. And you will create the impression that you have been waiting for new subscribers, and you are happy with them.

Get to know the audience

Write a post-acquaintance, it will help you to declare yourself, stand out among other participants in the give, arouse interest and set you up for friendly relations. Don't forget to post why subscribers should stay with you.


Interact with subscribers

Like them, reply to their comments and messages. This will help you retain new subscribers and gain attention. Plus, by examining comments and posts, you can find ideas for new posts that excite subscribers the most.

Use social proof

Share positive reviews for your products / services, just pleasant messages from subscribers in Direct, repost marks and mentions. This will build trust in you and help convince your followers to stay with you.


What else can you do?

Arrange a giveaway on the day the give ends - this will reduce audience churn.

Set up a target for subscribers - this is how you remind yourself if your profile is lost in the feed.



  1. It is important to properly prepare for the giveaway, understand who your target audience is and draw up a content plan;
  2. After the start of the give, be sure to introduce yourself and get to know your new audience, start building trust;
  3. Your main task is to "warm up" the audience during the giveaway, to show that it is interesting and useful for you, that you are not another contest account and you should stay with you;
  4. After the giveaw is complete, try to reduce audience churn - hold a giveaway, run an ad, keep talking about important and interesting topics for your audience.

And remember, good content is relevant and regular content!

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