How To Report A Drug Propaganda Site

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How To Report A Drug Propaganda Site
How To Report A Drug Propaganda Site

Video: How To Report A Drug Propaganda Site

Video: How To Report A Drug Propaganda Site
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The promotion of narcotic substances in recent years has become enormous. Today, drugs are advertised literally everywhere: on the walls on the street, on the sidewalk and, of course, on the Internet. Despite the fact that this kind of information is prohibited for distribution, it continues to appear with enviable regularity. It is quite difficult to accuse law enforcement officers of inaction - they simply do not have time to physically track everything. Ordinary citizens can come to their aid. The main thing is to know where to complain about a website that advertises drugs.

How to report a drug propaganda site
How to report a drug propaganda site

Everyone can show their vigilance and help to strengthen control over drug trafficking in the country. To do this, it is enough not to pass by those sites where toxic substances are promoted. After all, you can complain about them, and who knows, maybe you will save more than one life!

Many are indifferent to appeals for help and to track sites of questionable content. And this is wrong. After all, such a misfortune as drug addiction can affect everyone. And it is better to try to warn her in advance.

How and where to complain about sites with questionable content

Advertising of any narcotic and other psychotropic substances is subject to punishment. The legislation of the Russian Federation towards violators is quite strict. The act of those who post advertisements on the sale of drugs on the Internet or promote such an unhealthy lifestyle falls under the article of the Administrative Code and is punished with a fine of up to 1,000,000 rubles. depending on which category - an individual, legal or official - the offender belongs to.

The deputies also propose to tighten these rules even more and equate the propaganda and advertising of drugs with a criminal offense, for which there will be a corresponding retribution.

If you find an offending site, first try contacting the owner of the host where the portal is located. It is in the interests of the hoster (host owner) to figure it out and exclude the intruder from the network as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that if law enforcement agencies notice that the hoster is serving a site with such dubious content, they will arrange serious problems for him.

It is not so difficult to find out the contacts of the host owner. To do this, you just need to use the services on the network, which will provide all the necessary information by URL.

If you are faced with a situation where the hoster does not want to contact the violator without a court decision, complain to the search engines. Each of them has a special section - a kind of "complaint book". After examining your claim, the search engine will have to block the dubious portal in the search results, and users simply will not see it.

You can also complain directly to Roskomnadzor. To do this, just go to the organization's website and fill out the essence of your claim in a special form. So, in the first line, the address of a dubious resource or a specific page is entered, after which you need to select its type in the drop-down list - drug propaganda. Other information is indicated in the "Additional information" field. All that remains is to fill in your personal data (by the way, this field is not required) and attach a screenshot or an electronic copy of the page that caused your outrage.

What to Consider

In fact, it turned out that citizens are rather actively cooperating in exposing dubious sites. So, in just a month, the department's hotline receives more than 2,000 reports of illegal content, of which more than 1,000 are reported by sites advertising drugs.

Experts note that with the introduction of such measures, the growth of dubious portals has slightly decreased, and experts in the fight against the spread of illegal substances manage to cover more offenses and close them.