How To Fill In The Password

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How To Fill In The Password
How To Fill In The Password

Video: How To Fill In The Password

Video: How To Fill In The Password
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Gone are the days when you could get by with one password from a single mailbox. More and more websites are using registration forms that you need to fill out in order to gain full access to the site's resources. How to fill in your password easily and correctly?

Enter password
Enter password


Step 1

Follow the rules for filling in the "password" field. Most sites have the same requirements, you need to pay attention to the following:

- Filling language. Latin is the most commonly used.

- Register. Make sure CapsLock is off.

- Additional symbols. Don't use them at all. The standard set of symbols is letters and numbers, this is quite enough.

Step 2

If the field recognizes uppercase and lowercase characters, use this feature to improve the strength of your password. The number of characters is also a reliability factor. Do not use less than six characters, follow the prompts on the password form. The recommended level of reliability is "high".

Step 3

Make it a rule to fill in passwords only in Latin, then you will not have any confusion with switching languages. In addition, the Latin alphabet, as already mentioned, is most often used when filling in the "password" field.

Step 4

If the need to fill in a password arises often, take advantage of special services - password managers. There are a great variety of them - from browser plugins to individual programs. Password manager will help you fill in passwords by generating unlimited number of them. You just need to approve the proposed option. In addition, you can confirm your password with a single keystroke. Along with generating passwords, these managers will automatically fill in the "password" fields when you visit the sites again (with your, of course, your consent). The simplest of them are already built into well-known browsers and notify you: “save the password for this site?”. You need to choose "save" or "do not save" or "never save passwords". All these services make life much easier, allow you to instantly log into your accounts on your favorite sites.

Step 5

More sophisticated password managers are special programs that, in addition to generating passwords, encrypt them and store them in the storage of your choice. The storage can be your computer (hard drive), removable media, or virtual storage. Use password managers, then you only need to remember one password (make it as strong as possible) - from your manager. The program itself will fill in and remember all other passwords, this will save you time.