The Strangest Searches In Search Engines

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The Strangest Searches In Search Engines
The Strangest Searches In Search Engines

Video: The Strangest Searches In Search Engines

Video: The Strangest Searches In Search Engines
Video: Comparison: Most Weirdest Internet Searches | The Weirdest Google Searches 2023, March

What kind of people do not come up with queries that are hammered into Internet search engines. Sometimes some phrases simply amaze even the most sophisticated imagination, only confirming the fact that some areas and interests simply cannot be invented on purpose. So what do people ask search engines?

The weirdest searches in search engines
The weirdest searches in search engines

The strangest queries

Undoubtedly, the most popular and original queries are the following, and they are asked more than once. These are “what will happen if a crowbar is thrown into the toilet bowl of a train at full speed”, “why is vladimir putin a crab”, “what a mushroom lenin” and “what to do if I'm a fool”.

Sites of jokes also give such requests, starting with "why" - "why do I finish quickly", already mentioned "why am I such a fool", "why the cap of the statue of Lenin in front of the entrance to the red square seems to be an unnecessary detail" and "why I am not married" …

The interesting "why" also includes the popular "why is Putin a crab and Medvedev a bumblebee."

The leader of the rating with "how to do so" by users is recognized as "how to do so that please let go".

Apparently very militant individuals hammer in the search engines the following "how to make a pistol at home" and "how to make a crossbow for a mother-in-law."

Curious users also ask the following “what will happen if you turn on the headlights at superluminal speed”, “what will happen if you look into the eyes of a leprechaun for a long time and blink”, “what will happen if you heat ordinary soap in the microwave” and “what will happen if you lick the outlet”.

The following queries are also curious: “what will happen if you bring the switched on vacuum cleaner to your eye”, “what will happen if there are bugs”, “what will happen if you sprinkle the rails with salt” and the hopeless “what will happen if”.

It should also be noted that sometimes very ridiculous and strange search queries are not always the real subject of interest of Internet users. The so-called "flash mobs" are popular on the World Wide Web, when people (usually teenagers) gather and for a limited time "hammer" into the search bar a predetermined phrase, at which other people then laugh and wonder.

Less funny, but no less curious queries

These include those beginning with “why” - “why do companies undress their employees”, “why does a goat need a button accordion”, “why does one steal a string bag” and “why shout when no one hears”.

Some users consider the following as the leader of the TOP with “why”: “why do I need a refrigerator if I don’t smoke”.

I wonder who the people who clog the following in search engines: “what to do if I’m shampoo”, “talking vacuum cleaner”, “where to hide the corpse”, “photographs of a blue giraffe”, “who is leasing”, “what is Lenin made of”, “naked disabled ", widespread" poorrno "," cannabis cultivation at home "," one toilet bowl 50 girls "," gibberish prostitute "," atomic bomb at home "," sex at a lecture "," prostatitis in a woman "and" why I got drunk yesterday."

Apparently the followers of "The Lord of the Rings" enter the following into the search engines and the following "will the sword come out of the scrap if you put it on the rails."

It is not clear whether women or men ask the following on the Internet, "I'm not a stupid beast." And the following is generally difficult to imagine "who can drink with his foot" and "how much lead you need to eat to raise the temperature."

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