How To Search In Search Engines

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How To Search In Search Engines
How To Search In Search Engines

Video: How To Search In Search Engines

Video: How To Search In Search Engines
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The Internet is full of various information, and sometimes it seems impossible to us to find exactly what we need in this mass of articles, pictures and video clips. And this is where search engines come to the rescue. Knowing how to use them will help you make the right query and find the information you are interested in in a matter of seconds.

How to search in search engines
How to search in search engines


Step 1

Choose the search engine that's right for you

Usually, users resort to the help of the three most famous search engines: Google, Rambler, Yandex. They may differ in the set of available information, so if you did not find what you want in one, it makes sense to turn to another.

Step 2

Formulate your request

It needs to be clear and non-general. For example, upon request "maps" the system will give you the addresses of millions of sites, among which links to geographic maps of different countries and cities will prevail. If you enter "tarot cards" or "cards of the Moscow region" into the search bar, the system will mark unnecessary sites and display only those that meet your request.

Step 3

Please use our advanced search. \

Usually the "Advanced Search" button is located at the top of the page (like in Google) or directly below the search bar (Yandex and Rambler). Advanced search will allow you to formulate your query more precisely, you will be able to select words or phrases that appear in the text, as well as the language and format of the desired site or document.

Step 4

Use search engines

You may not use the advanced search, but use the search engine devices yourself - this is the name of punctuation marks or words that help the system to choose from a set of information only the one that matches your request. For example, to search for an exact quote, you should separate it with quotation marks: "and life, and tears, and love." If you need to find information about Roy Medvedev, and the search engine gives out sites about a swarm of bees and the President of Russia, you should remove the word "bees" from the search using the "-" sign. Then the query will look like this: "swarm + medvedev-bees". As you understand, the "+" sign is used so that the system will issue all documents that necessarily contain the words "swarm" and "Medvedev" together.

Step 5

Make it as easy as possible for the system to find

If you still can't find the information you are interested in, check the literacy of the query (although almost all search engines automatically correct spelling errors in the query) or include more qualifying words and synonyms in it, not forgetting to resort to search engines.

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