Why Social Networks Are Dangerous

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Why Social Networks Are Dangerous
Why Social Networks Are Dangerous

Video: Why Social Networks Are Dangerous

Video: Why Social Networks Are Dangerous
Video: What are the dangers of oversharing on social media? 2023, March

It seems that with the advent of social networks, only one danger has arisen - shirking from work, when employees are chronically unable to "get out of Vkontakte." However, this is not quite true. Potentially, social media can do much more harm.

The social network is like a spider web
The social network is like a spider web

If you actively use social networks, then you have already encountered various dangers of this fashionable "toy". For a beginner, such a web may seem like a real paradise, which in fact is not. It is these people who should learn about the main dangers of "social networks" in order to assess their strengths and opportunities to get to know them.

Do not go, children, to walk on the Internet

First of all, as mentioned earlier, social networks "steal" a lot of useful time. Another picture, another anecdote, another interesting quote and … the person realizes that the working day is coming to an end, and very little has been done. And tomorrow it will not be possible to catch up with it, because all the same social networks will be caught in their "networks".

The main danger of social networks is dependence on them, invisible but merciless.

In addition, along with the loss of time, there is another danger - a quick high. A person is so programmed that he needs to make some effort to achieve happiness. Go to the store to buy a treat, build a house to live happily with your family, spend years at the institute to become a high-class specialist.

It's not like that on social media. With minimal effort on your part, maximum pleasure from new video, audio, pictures, quotes. And this quick buzz becomes a habit, which leads to a devaluation of the information received. If earlier many people read jokes only on the last page of a real newspaper, on the Internet everything has become faster, easier and … devalued.

And here a new danger arises - a decrease in a person's emotional reaction to what is happening. The user's brain and body as a whole get used to living in a state of constant pleasure, which causes a certain resistance (addiction) and less and less excites the mood. It takes more and more irritants to have fun, and with that, more hours spent online.

There is also a physical danger, and it is obvious to every sane person. Physical inactivity, congestion, various diseases against the background of the first and second. Nothing good. And the most "pleasant" thing is that they all use it….


The danger of social networks is that many unscrupulous people try to cash in on you. There are a lot of ways to "pull the money". These are also common calls to raise money for the treatment of a small child. And the promise of fabulous riches from participating in another affiliate program. And an offer to buy "the elixir of immortality from the horn of the unicorn."

On social networks, the chance of meeting a scammer is several times higher than in real life.

And against the background of general addiction, "quick buzz" and a constant desire for clicking - it works.

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