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What Is Mail
What Is Mail

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Video: What Is Mail
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The term "post" has Latin origins. Previously, this was the name of the station for the exchange of couriers and horses. Now this concept means a post office and a set of various correspondence. Most people communicate via email, sending each other messages over the Internet.

What is mail
What is mail


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What is called mail? In Russia, the first postal services appeared in the 10th century. Already at that time there was a duty of the people to display carts with horses for noble persons. In the XIII century, a special service was created for sending written messages on removable horses along the tracks, the so-called Yamskaya chase. The population was ordered to keep a certain number of horses and coachmen. Special messengers sent government decrees to troops and cities. Since the 16th century, the number of roads and coaches began to increase.

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In Russia, the first mailbox appeared in 1848. And in 1857 the first postage stamp was issued in denomination of 10 kopecks. Moreover, the plots of the images of stamps until the October Revolution of 1917 practically did not change: the reigning persons or the coat of arms of the Russian Empire were painted on them. The Zemskaya Post Office was established in 1865. She served the population, and soon there were special postage stamps.

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Pigeon mail was also used. The delivery of written messages was carried out by carrier pigeons. The basis for the use of these birds for communication was their ability to fly back to the place of their nest. In Russia, this type of mail was intended for sending messages to fortresses, surrounded by enemies in wartime.

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With the advent of telephone, radio and other technical innovations, mail has not lost its relevance. In addition to regular mail, there are many courier services for the delivery of documents, letters, parcels and correspondence.

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The internet has changed the way people communicate. Whole companies and individual users use e-mail (e-mail) to contact relatives, friends, business partners. This type of mail is useful for transferring files and text messages. In some businesses, e-mail is a powerful tool that can replace a whole pile of papers. In addition, taking advantage of the possibilities of the Internet, any user can have a fast and constant connection. And so, without e-mail, it would not be feasible.

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The e-mail address looks like this, for example, [email protected] Here iradmitriva is the username, @ is the character that separates the recipient's name from the domain name (mail). Another such sign is called on the Internet "dog", ru - the name of the place or zone of the Internet where the domain is located. As usual, the "usernames" in mail are real names or pseudonyms. They are called logins or nicknames. You can just nicknames.

Thus, the development of mail, including e-mail, does not stand still. Perhaps, in the future, they will come up with a new type of postal communication for messaging.

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