How To Disable Page Refresh

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How To Disable Page Refresh
How To Disable Page Refresh

Video: How To Disable Page Refresh

Video: How To Disable Page Refresh
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Browsers periodically refresh open web pages. This is not always convenient, in particular, this applies to cases when the user has a tariff with limited traffic.

How to disable page refresh
How to disable page refresh


Step 1

If you want to disable automatic page refresh in Mozilla Firefox, install the Toolbar Enhancements extension by searching for it from the browser add-ons menu. After installation, restart Mozilla Firefox and open the extension's settings.

Step 2

Activate the Disable Meta-Redirections for current tab function and apply the changes. In addition to this add-on, there are other available add-ons that customize the way your browser works. Be extremely careful with their use, install only those with the highest rating.

Step 3

To disable updating web pages in the Opera browser, go to the settings and, depending on the version of the program, find the menu item responsible for deactivating updates. After applying the changes, the pages will be refreshed only when you click the corresponding button next to the address bar.

Step 4

If the web page is refreshed even after disabling such a function in the browser, open the settings menu and disable the java-script execution, it is quite possible that the refresh is happening precisely because of it. Also, in some browsers, the Refresh extension is installed by default, deactivate it also in the same menu.

Step 5

If you do not need to disable automatic updating of web pages, and you just want to read the content of a site, set the offline mode for the current page in your browser in one of the menu items, depending on the browser version.

Step 6

If automatic page refresh occurs in the Google Chrome browser, disable the Auto Refresh Plus or Chrome Reload extension, which are available in the add-ons menu. They are usually installed by the user on their own so that they do not have to perform manual updates.

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