How To Meet On Vkontakte

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How To Meet On Vkontakte
How To Meet On Vkontakte

Video: How To Meet On Vkontakte

Video: How To Meet On Vkontakte
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One of the most common ways of dating nowadays is communication through social networks. A popular social network among young people is Vkontakte. Here you can meet and start chatting with a girl.

How to get acquainted on Vkontakte
How to get acquainted on Vkontakte


  • - personal Vkontakte page;
  • - high-quality photo on the avatar;
  • - open and complete information about you;
  • - the ability to conduct a casual online conversation.


Step 1

First, get your page carefully styled. On the avatar, you should look, if not flawless, then at least neat and natural. High-quality photographs are not a problem in our time, and you can find a professional photographer for a photo session here - Vkontakte. It will be better if for the first time a girl sees you against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape or a sports hall, and not over a glass of beer or against the backdrop of an old-fashioned carpet.

Step 2

Secondly, edit the section with information about yourself. By filling out the fields of the questionnaire about your tastes, preferences and interests, you will save time talking about it and will give the impression of an open-minded person.

Step 3

Third, keep an eye on the wall of your page. Better to open it up for public viewing. But you should not leave hopeless, too romantic or, on the contrary, vulgar records on it that can alienate the opposite sex. More good humor and a positive attitude will attract not only the attention of the opposite sex to you, but also good luck.

Step 4

Fourth, when choosing a girl for dating, evaluate not only her appearance and figure, but also information about her, the list of her friends. If a single girl "actively seeking" has too many male friends, it may well be that she collects them. Analyze the notes on her wall, they can tell a lot about her values, dreams, aspirations. Read the information about the girl, so you will understand what she likes, what she prefers. Perhaps this will give you a hint on where to ask her out on a date.

Step 5

Fifth, communication itself is important. Don't start it off with shameless and impudent offers or an abundance of vulgar compliments. Be natural, open and kind. This will encourage the girl to communicate. Don't overdo it with humor and compliments. Admiration should be in moderation, and even more so should not belittle your own dignity.

Step 6

Sixth, feel confident. It depends on this whether your online communication will be natural, relaxed and enjoyable. Talk about yourself, but mainly pay attention to her - take an interest in her inner world, her interests and dreams, life problems. By becoming a friend, you can later take the place of your beloved in her heart.

Step 7

Don't overdo it with virtual communication. Do not drag it out too long. True love and relationships will not work if you talk for three months and still hesitate to meet. Invite her to a cafe or a movie, because communication in the real world is much more interesting.