How To Create A YouTube Channel Splash Screen

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How To Create A YouTube Channel Splash Screen
How To Create A YouTube Channel Splash Screen

Video: How To Create A YouTube Channel Splash Screen

Video: How To Create A YouTube Channel Splash Screen
Video: Создание заставки для канала в четырёх минутах Creating a splash screen for a channel in 4 minutes 2023, September

YouTube video hosting is so popular in the world as a platform for video blogging that today it will take an ordinary person more than 1000 years of uninterrupted time to review all videos uploaded to YouTube. This is the largest community of bloggers who are trying to attract attention to their channels in any way they can. And first of all, the image of the channel is created by an original designer splash screen.

How to create a YouTube channel splash screen
How to create a YouTube channel splash screen

Every YouTube blogger uses different techniques to stand out online. Someone tries to impress with original videos, someone builds a trusting relationship with subscribers, responding to their every comment. But no blogger can do without design.

The image (horizontal, full width of the screen) that any user of the YouTube service sees when entering your channel is the channel's splash screen. The standard splash screen is a pattern in the form of a gray background of the same type, which must be replaced. Otherwise, the channel will look boring, impersonal and very mediocre, no matter how hard you try to fill it with interesting videos or be active with subscribers.

A bright thematic splash screen allows you to identify your channel by its topic, characterize the author and highlight the uniqueness of your personal YouTube brand.

General requirements for YouTube screensaver images:

  • Image resolution - 2560x1440 pixels.
  • The size or weight of the image should not be higher than 4 MB.

So how to create a decent splash screen for your YouTube channel?

  1. Open Photoshop, Paint, or any other graphics editor. Create a new document for editing with the size shown above.
  2. Take an image with an initially good and appropriate design for your channel's splash screen. On this image, using a graphic editor, apply your logo, channel name and other calls, for example, "Subscribe now", "Watch the video", "Coming soon on the channel", "My personal beauty blog", etc.
  3. Save the decorated picture and add it to your channel. To do this, go through the authorization, and then upload the image using the button on the main screen in the header in the form of a button with a camera in a circle. Then click "Select a file on your computer" and upload a photo. Centralize it on the splash screen as you need it.
  4. You can also replace the standard photo screensaver with a personal one through the Settings button. Go to YouTube, log in, click on the round icon of your channel in the upper right corner of the screen and click on the icon "My Channel". Then go to the blue button almost in the center of the page with the title "Customize the page view", and here click on the thumbnail with a pencil in the right corner of the splash screen. And select "Change the theme of the channel."

You can use any picture from various photo stocks, thematic groups in social networks, forums or databases with ready-made pictures in the format 2560x1440 pixels as a screensaver on YouTube.

What online programs will help you quickly create a splash screen from a ready-made template for free?

  • Crello Online Editor
  • Canva Online Program
  • Online photo editor Fotor. Com
  • Ytcolor, Fur and other YouTube channel design services