How To Send Emoticons

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How To Send Emoticons
How To Send Emoticons

Video: How To Send Emoticons

Video: How To Send Emoticons
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A smiley, or as it is also called an emoticon, is a pictogram depicting an emotion. Emoticons are used to add emotional flavor to our text messages. Use them - and expressions of feelings will be added to your words. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the picture!:)

Smile and the world will become easier
Smile and the world will become easier


  • Computer
  • Client programs for communication
  • Emoticons archives


Step 1

Typically, emoticons are exchanged in short message agents. Each agent has its own pre-installed emoticons. If you and your opponent have the same version of the program, then the emoticons will be displayed for both of you the same.

Step 2

In order to send emoticons, for example, in the ICQ program, you need to open the window of this program and write in the text field the symbols denoting a smiley. Most often it is a colon and a closing parenthesis character. By writing these symbols, you will receive a ready-made smiley "Smile".

Step 3

If you want to send your friend not an ordinary, classic emoticon, but some interesting one, then in this case you need to first install an archive of new emoticons, and then transfer this archive to your opponent so that he can install them on his computer. Otherwise, your emoticons will not be displayed in his program, and it will be difficult to understand each other.

Step 4

If you want to send an emoticon on the Odnoklassniki social network, then when writing a message, select those emoticons that you like, add them to the message body and send emotional messages to your friends.

Step 5

If you want to use paid emoticons, then in this case you need to first send a paid SMS to activate this service, and then, using the same algorithm, insert more interesting emoticons into letters for your friends.

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