How To Enter Travian

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How To Enter Travian
How To Enter Travian

Video: How To Enter Travian

Video: How To Enter Travian
Video: Fastest 2nd village strategy, 4.6 Travian (non-raiding) 2023, May

Travian is a world-wide online multiplayer strategy game. It is played in real time by thousands of people. The game is free and does not require any special installation or additional programs.

How to enter Travian
How to enter Travian


Internet, preferably at a speed not lower than 512kbps, E-mail address


Step 1

In order to enter the game you need to register. Download the main page of the game and follow the link "Free Registration". First, you will need to choose a server on which you will play in the future. If a new server is loaded, players have a unique opportunity to become one of the first on it and receive bonuses and gifts in the game. Sometimes a limited number of applications are pre-registered for a new server.

Step 2

In order to register, you need to know your email address, since authorization comes to it. Also come up with a unique nickname. This is the name that will be assigned to you in the game.

Step 3

Think carefully about your password, it should be complex enough to keep your account secure. Try to use familiar words or phrases so as not to forget it, add numbers that are meaningful only for you to avoid hacking.

Step 4

After filling out the profile, a letter will appear in your mailbox confirming registration on the site, follow the link contained in it. This completes the registration.

Step 5

To enter the game, follow the "Login" link in the main menu. Estimate the speed of your internet. If it is below 512 Kbps, the quality of the game card, as well as the video detail, will be low.

Fill in the fields "Name or E-Mail" and "Password" with the data you specified earlier and click "Login". You are in the game.

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