The Witcher 3. Where Can I Find Hjalmar?

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The Witcher 3. Where Can I Find Hjalmar?
The Witcher 3. Where Can I Find Hjalmar?

Video: The Witcher 3. Where Can I Find Hjalmar?

Video: The Witcher 3. Where Can I Find Hjalmar?
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Finding Hjalmar is a challenge for players. They are often mistaken for a quest bug, but there are no bugs here. To find it, you just need to be very careful.

The Witcher 3. Where can I find Hjalmar?
The Witcher 3. Where can I find Hjalmar?

Many players face this problem. It appears during the "Lord of Undvik" quest. In the story, you need to help the son of Krakh an Krayt to free the island from the giant. The witcher arrives on the island and begins searching for the squad and its leader, Hjalmar.

Search start

Having sailed to the island, Geralt sees a large ship in which an insane old man is sitting. He turns out to be the Jarl of Undvik and tells that Hjalmar with a detachment passed here and decided to make a halt in an old tower in the valley.

We go there and see that the camp is ruined, and traces lead from it in different directions. We follow the trail to the north and along the way we come across evidence that one person caught up with another and tried to shoot him with a bow.

As a result, we reach the corpse, from which the arrows stick out. We go down into the caves, the entrance to which will be nearby, and we find ice trolls there. They cook a man from the Hjalmar squad, and the witcher must save him. You can guess the riddle of the trolls or kill them. In both cases, we will save the archer, who appears to us as Folan.

New evidence

Folan reveals that he is a childhood friend of Hjalmar and Keris. Together with the rest of the detachment, he arrived here to free the island, but by coincidence, he fell into the clutches of the trolls.

The archer offers help in finding Hjalmar, and Geralt agrees. Together we follow in the footsteps of the giant and the squad. The bodies of warriors and inhabitants of the island are scattered across the island.

Moving on the trail of the giant, we will stumble upon the entrance to the cave. You need to be careful in it, as you can get a little lost and lose time, although there you can find chests with valuable things and treasures.

Finish searching

We pass through the caves and go to the Forge of the Tordarrokh clan. Here you can find the tools of the armorer needed for the quest "Master Armor". We use the witch's instinct and see traces of a giant and a man mixed up.

Many people think that the quest contains some kind of bug and it is impossible to complete it. In fact, you need to follow the trail. A little later, the traces will disperse, here you can choose any of them, the result will be the same. The main thing is to be careful and not go in circles. Loop trails can be confusing and misdirected. To be sure not to be mistaken, follow the trail that the game recommends.

In the end, you will reach the ruins of Dorve, where you will meet Hjalmar fighting the sirens. Well, then no difficulties should arise. We help him to deal with the winged creatures and together we go to kill the giant. Our witch's sword will greatly help the son of Ruin, and we will free the island.

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