How To Increase Your Site Rank

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How To Increase Your Site Rank
How To Increase Your Site Rank

Video: How To Increase Your Site Rank

Video: How To Increase Your Site Rank
Video: How to Rank Smaller Websites on Google in 2021 - FAST Method for Non-Techies 2023, December

In order for the site to work effectively and bring constant income, it must have a high rating. This can be achieved by using various techniques to increase the popularity of your resource.

How to increase your site rank
How to increase your site rank


  • - site availability;
  • - time;
  • - following instructions


Step 1

Check the position of your site in the Yandex search engine - one of the most practical and popular search programs among Russian-speaking users. To perform this operation, enter keywords or the name of your site in the search bar.

Step 2

Next, you need to analyze the current situation, consumer demand, and also - an overview of the most popular sites related to your category.

Step 3

Based on the results obtained, draw up a site optimization plan (SEO or Search Engine Optimization). It will help you to promote your Internet resource to the first lines of search engines.

Step 4

Choose a few of the most popular resources with good ratings and exchange banners and links with them.

Step 5

Participate in message boards, banner exchange networks, use offline advertising.

Step 6

Use a special type of website promotion - redirect links. They are posted on the most popular sites in your thematic area and are very useful. Redirect links are a very useful and effective way to attract visitors and increase the "return" from the site.

Step 7

After working on increasing the rating of your site, check again how visible it is on the network. If you put in the maximum effort, then your site will definitely rise to the top lines of search engines.

Step 8

Keep in mind that the high ranking of your site is not so much a “bell” for search engines, but also a signal for your potential business partners. The higher the line in which your site appears in the search ranking, the more trust will be in it, as well as the desire to start commercial relations with your future business partners.

Step 9

Do not strive to take it by number - a large number of banners and links on the pages of your resource will not have the desired result, but will only clutter up its pages.