How To Make Rails In Minecraft

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How To Make Rails In Minecraft
How To Make Rails In Minecraft

Video: How To Make Rails In Minecraft

Video: How To Make Rails In Minecraft
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Many gamers who adore Minecraft come up with all new options for buildings and mechanisms in this game, allowing them to make their favorite game more similar to the real world. For example, some experienced players have long mastered the manufacture of an almost real railway, along which they can ride on their own handcrafted trolleys.

Such rails look almost like real ones
Such rails look almost like real ones

How to create rails without mods in minecraft

One of the main elements of this type of transport is the routes along which the trains will move. Railway rails in Minecraft will be able to be made by any player, even not very experienced, since the recipe for their creation is not too complicated. In addition, the materials here will need very affordable ones, which are available to many in the inventory.

To craft simple rails, you will need an iron ingot - in the amount of six pieces - and a wooden stick. (Ingots are obtained by roasting the ore of the corresponding metal in a furnace with the participation of coal or wood.) You should install a stick in the central slot of the workbench, and iron ingots in its extreme vertical rows. According to this recipe, sixteen rail fragments are obtained for one craft.

However, such a railway will not come out full-fledged, since additional traction will be needed to move the trolleys along it. For this, conventional track sections are installed interspersed with electrical ones. The latter, however, will already require such an expensive resource as gold bars. They are placed where - according to the previous recipe - the pieces of iron were located. The central slot will again be occupied by a wooden stick, and under it there will be a unit of redstone dust. Here, at the exit, there are already only six sections of the path.

The stone pressure plate in Minecraft is made with a very simple recipe. To do this, you need to install two blocks of stone in the left and central cells of the lower horizontal row of the workbench.

However, even electric rails (by the way, accelerating trains by about 64 blocks - if in a straight line and without obstacles) need to be activated for full operation. For this, special pressure fragments of paths are usually installed in front of them. The recipe for crafting them is in many ways similar to what is relevant for standard rail fragments. Here, six iron ingots will also go to the side rows, but the central cell will be occupied by a stone pressure plate, and a unit of redstone dust will need to be placed in the slot under it. Six such rails are obtained in one crafting operation.

Special game modifications to make rails

In Minecraft, the construction of a railway is possible not only without mods - according to the above recipes - but also after installing these, which add realism to the game and a certain amount of hitherto inaccessible possibilities. For example, the RailCraft modification (especially if it is installed in conjunction with some others - like BuildCraft) gives the gamer a chance to get their own road with paths made of a variety of materials - wood, bronze, steel, iron.

To craft any metal rails, you need six corresponding ingots. They are placed in three pieces in the extreme vertical rows of the workbench (leaving the middle empty). However, more often than a conventional machine, a rolling mill is used for this - thanks to it, they become thinner without losing strength.

Building a rolling mill in RailCraft is very simple. The workbench is placed in the central slot of another such machine, four iron ingots are placed in the corners of it, and the remaining cells are occupied by the same number of pistons.

They can be additionally fortified using special crafting functions. For example, if you combine three standard rails with the same amount of redstone dust and gold bars, you get improved track fragments. When this recipe replaces redstone dust with fire powder (obtained from efrite rods), and iron ingots instead of standard rails, this will create a high-speed section of the railroad. Six such pieces of iron and three units of obsidian dust will produce rails that are already hardened, resistant to destruction.

By the way, unlike creating tracks without mods (where a railroad track is immediately crafted), in RailCraft you need to create rails and sleepers separately, and only then combine them. The latter are made of wooden slabs (three of them must be placed in the bottom row of the workbench) and a bucket of creosote placed in the center slot.

An unusually interesting Rails of War mod will also help create a full-fledged railroad in Minecraft. Here the player will have a chance not only to connect their settlements with tracks, but also to force almost real armored trains, steam locomotives, etc. to ply between them. Some of them are recreated from real locomotives that once roamed the vastness of various states. The greatest delight of gamers is usually caused by another moment: any trains have a certain animation that makes them even more similar to the real ones.

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