Why "Vkontakte" Is Not Playing Music

Why "Vkontakte" Is Not Playing Music
Why "Vkontakte" Is Not Playing Music

Video: Why "Vkontakte" Is Not Playing Music

Video: Why "Vkontakte" Is Not Playing Music
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Many people create entire Vkontakte music albums, and if the music is not played, then the mood can deteriorate for the whole day. The ways to solve this problem are different, but they are suitable not only for this social network, but also for everyone else.

Why Vkontakte does not play music
Why Vkontakte does not play music

The reasons why "Vkontakte" does not play music

First, you need to make a list of possible causes. Most often, the reasons for the impossibility of playing Vkontakte music can be:

  1. Viruses in the PC;
  2. Crashes on the Vkontakte website;
  3. Low internet speed;
  4. Errors and decreased performance of Flash Player;
  5. Browser problems;
  6. Problems in the operating system or with the computer itself.

Viruses in the computer

"Vkontakte" may not play music if there are viruses on the PC. There are millions of users on the Internet. And, unfortunately, some of them try to ruin the lives of other people by creating and spreading all kinds of viruses. And if protection was not installed on the computer, then most likely Vkontakte does not play music precisely because of the infection.

To get rid of the problem, you just need to install an anti-virus program such as DrWeb, Avast, Nod32 or any other and scan your computer for viruses. If they are found, they must be removed immediately. And after deleting, it is advisable to change all passwords. Otherwise, an attacker can use the account for his own purposes.

Crash "Vkontakte"

Today, this reason is quite rare. With every update, the developers are trying to improve the social network. But all the same, the site may crash, and then, in order to listen to Vkontakte music again, you need to wait a few hours.

Internet speed

And this reason is one of the most common. There are many online programs for determining the speed of the Internet, such as speedtest.net. Vkontakte video and music playback requires normal speed. And if it is below 100Kbps, then any actions on the social network will be very slow. And if the speed is in the range of 200-300 Kbps, then the problems of playing Vkontakte music are possible only if the recordings are of high quality.

Flash Player

For Flash Player to work well, the first step is to update it to the latest version. Usually, when an update is needed, a special reminder window will pop up. In some cases, after the file with the updated version is saved, you need to remove the old player before installing it.

Browser problems

There are times when the browser is not installed correctly. Whether the reason is this, you can easily find out by playing the music "Vkontakte" in another browser. Perhaps the problem with the browser is that some virus has damaged the necessary files. To fix the error, you need to update your browser.

Also, Mozilla Firefox users often do not play Vkontakte music due to the inclusion of various plugins or extensions. There are special add-ons that allow you to block any advertising on the Internet. But they can also block the playback of music in contact. To fix this error, you need to find "Extensions" in the "Menu" tab in the "Add-ons" section. There is a special module called Flashblock. You can simply disable it, or you can add the site vk.com to the "white list". After rebooting, the problem should be gone.

OS or PC problems

If the computer is cluttered with useless programs, then its work can be disrupted. To solve this problem, you must first clean your computer. If, after cleaning, Vkontakte still does not play music, then you need to try to roll back the system to the restore point where the music was still playing. Well, if this did not help, then you will have to reinstall the OS completely.

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