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How To Torrent
How To Torrent

Video: How To Torrent

Video: How To Torrent
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Torrents are very popular with Internet users. Some people don't know how to torrent files. This is not difficult to do. It is enough to download the file using a special program and not delete it. As long as the file remains on the hard disk, the torrent distributes it.

Distribution requires a computer and special software
Distribution requires a computer and special software

Torrent trackers, commonly referred to as “torrents”, are sites through which various digital content can be exchanged. How do I torrent content?

How torrent works

Torrent trackers do not store files. They are stored on users' hard drives. The task of the tracker is to manage the data exchange process.

This happens using torrent files with the extension.torrent. They contain information about the file that the user is going to download.

To work with torrent files, you need a special program. Such programs are called torrent clients. When a user launches a torrent file with it, the program starts downloading content - a movie, program or game.

Where does the file come from if it is not on the site? Those users who have already downloaded it to their hard drive. The peculiarity of this technology is that the distribution is carried out not by one user, but by everyone who downloaded it and did not delete it.

Why do you need to distribute

The user who deleted the torrent file or downloaded content does not participate in the distribution. If all users delete the file, it will be impossible to download it.

When a person downloads a file, does not delete it and allows others to download it, this is called “staying on the download”. Staying in the distribution is necessary in order for other users to have the opportunity to receive the content.

Torrent trackers that require registration often use a rating system. The rating takes into account the ratio of downloaded and distributed content. The more a person has distributed, the more he will be able to download.

There are also trackers that allow unregistered users to download content. On such sites there is no rating system, and the user can download as much as he wishes.

On such a site, no one will punish a user who decides not to stay on the distribution. Everyone hopes for conscientiousness and adherence to the rules of good taste. The main rule is: "I downloaded it myself - let others download it."

How to distribute

Some people, especially those who are far from computers, are intimidated by the potential difficulties. Don't be afraid - torrenting is very easy.

First you need to download and install a torrent client. The most popular program of this type is utorrent. It is completely free and installs literally in a matter of seconds.

The next step is to search for the desired file on any torrent tracker. Having found the file, you need to click "Download". Some browsers will offer to download the file using the torrent client you have installed - all you need to do is select a folder to download the file.

Other browsers may simply suggest saving the torrent file. In this case, you will need to click on it with the mouse. The torrent client will launch. It will prompt you to select a folder to download the desired file.

When the file starts downloading, you will be a participant in the distribution. Files are made up of a large number of small parts. As soon as such a part is downloaded, it immediately begins to be distributed to other users. The distribution process will continue until you delete the file.

So, to distribute files using a torrent, you need to install the torrent client, download the file and not delete it. As long as the files remain on your hard drive and your computer is connected to the Internet, you will be torrenting them.

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