How To Find A Channel In Telegram Using A Link

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How To Find A Channel In Telegram Using A Link
How To Find A Channel In Telegram Using A Link

Video: How To Find A Channel In Telegram Using A Link

Video: How To Find A Channel In Telegram Using A Link
Video: How to Find any Channel on Telegram ! How to Search Private Telegram Channels ! Join without Link 2023, March

The Telegram messenger is becoming more and more popular and more convenient to use. Every day, channels appear with new information and collections of relevant news. How to find the channel of interest using the link, and what other ways are there?

How to find a channel in Telegram using a link
How to find a channel in Telegram using a link

Easy to use, strong in terms of privacy policy, the messenger actively takes a strong position in the Russian market.

Channel search by link

To find a channel of interest by topic, you can simply use a search query. So the user will quickly find the information they need with a lot of choices. Many users find this option to be the most convenient.

When one has to search for a channel from a computer in the search bar of a browser, one peculiarity arises: the user found what he was looking for, opened a window with a proposal to switch to the Telegram version on the PC. Next, click "Open Application". One of the most important and simple conditions is that the messenger must be installed on the computer in advance.

Channel search in the messenger

Of course, the phone is always with us, so it is convenient to search for a channel directly in Telegram on Android or iOS.

  1. We open the application, enter the name in the Latin alphabet in the search field, since there are no Russian names in Telegram;
  2. At the top right of the main page of the messenger, you can see a sign with a magnifying glass. Click on it, a search box opens, where you need to enter the text of the query you are interested in;
  3. Telegram will not suggest similar channels to the user like Google. You need to know the exact name, so it will be useful to find information in advance on the Internet or ask friends. You can guess if the channel is the name of a popular brand;
  4. Also, the options will display people who have the entered phrase in their name when searching for a channel. Bots will be listed. The channel can be recognized by the horn icon.

Channel search: features

  • In regular search, only public channels are available. There are also private chats, for which you will have to look for the owner's contacts so that he can make you a member.
  • Before agreeing to a subscription, you are given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the content of the channel. There is no general news feed, the user deliberately filters the flow of information. A very handy feature is turning off notifications. You can also start watching the news at any time on the channel from where you left off earlier.

How to unsubscribe from a channel?

Some time after subscribing, the user may understand that the information is not relevant and interesting for him. You need to unsubscribe so as not to litter the space. This is easier to do than subscribing.

The first way

  1. Open the channel, click on the avatar with the name at the very top;
  2. We select the item "Leave the channel". In the English version - "Leave channel".

Second way:

  1. Open the application, find the desired tab;
  2. Press this line on the screen for a long time, a pop-up menu opens;
  3. Also click "Leave Channel". We confirm.

Interesting and necessary channels can be pinned to the list. To do this, you need to open the special menu tab with a long press, select the "Pin" or "Pin to top" item.

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