How To Increase Sales From The Site

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How To Increase Sales From The Site
How To Increase Sales From The Site

Video: How To Increase Sales From The Site

Video: How To Increase Sales From The Site
Video: How To Reach 100 Sales a Day on Your Website 2023, May

According to the consulting company PwC, by 2018 the share of retail Internet sales in Russia will reach 18%. And this despite the fact that already now 43% of Russian Internet users say that they make purchases online on a quarterly basis. And in Moscow this figure has already exceeded 50% for a long time.

How to increase sales from the site
How to increase sales from the site

The site allows you to contact a potential buyer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and take orders all year round, regardless of weather conditions, season, time of day or location.

With the help of the site, you can reach almost any target audience, measure investments in an advertising company with an accuracy of a penny, automate the process of selling goods and services, practically eliminating the role of a person, and create a client base.

There are several key tricks that will allow you to increase sales using the site several times, without spending money on advertising.

Free offer

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase customer loyalty is with a free offer. The site visitor can be offered a consultation, product, audit, e-book. The main thing is that this offer is free. The client does not like to take big steps to cooperation right away - he needs to evaluate the seller and feel a certain level of trust. A small free gift is exactly what can bring the buyer and the seller closer together.

Reviews on the site

A potential buyer wants to be confident in the seller's reliability. His confidence can be raised by the reviews left on the site. Even if the reviews are written by professional copywriters, and not real customers, subconsciously the client will receive satisfaction from this and will want to continue cooperation.


Contact details should be easily accessible to the client. The seller needs to post as much information as possible about himself and how to contact him. Mandatory contact information that must be specified are phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Skype and ICQ account identifiers, feedback form and online consultation will not be superfluous. Of course, the seller must not only indicate his contacts, but also be in touch at the specified opening hours. Unfortunately, many people forget about this.

Advertising texts

All textual information on the site should not only inform the visitor about the seller or the product, but also encourage him to take action. For example, the placement of bright banners, the use of multi-colored fonts and information about special promotions that can bring the user closer to the purchase.

Pictures and videos

The site should not be a dry set of words and pictures. Photos and videos of products or services should evoke emotions in visitors. They should be as simple and understandable as possible for clients. If it is possible to insert your own pictures, in no case should you use beautiful photographs found on the Internet. They only distance the customer from the seller.

Working with Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrica

In order to understand their customers, as well as all the requests and desires, the seller does not have to foresee the actions of visitors himself. It is enough to connect Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrica to the site - analytical tools that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the site and the page-by-page activity of users.

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