How To Increase Your Sales

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How To Increase Your Sales
How To Increase Your Sales

Video: How To Increase Your Sales

Video: How To Increase Your Sales
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Selling through an online store is a very profitable business today. If the demand for the products you sell has fallen, then constantly improving advertising technologies will help you increase your sales.

How to increase your sales
How to increase your sales


  • - conduct a sociological survey;
  • - create a new advertising concept.


Step 1

The most common mistake most sellers, especially beginners, make is that they make their product "the center of the universe." But the buyer is not interested in the product as such; people are interested in the opportunities that they will receive with this product. A person purchases the latest model of the newest washing vacuum cleaner because he is attracted by the possibility of quick and highly efficient cleaning.

Step 2

Therefore, if your sales level has decreased, analyze your work, your advertising concept. Perhaps the problem is that you have stopped offering opportunities and are focusing on the product.

Step 3

If so, then you need to completely change tactics. But before that, conduct a survey among your regular customers. The purpose of this event is to find out why exactly the buyer chooses your product (ideal combination of price and quality, ease of use, etc.), why he buys it from you (fast and profitable delivery, high level of customer service, etc.).).

Step 4

Once you've compiled a list of questions, post them on your site so that the survey is visible at all times. After 1, 5-2 weeks, summarize, carefully analyze the data obtained. And, based on the opinions and needs of the consumer, develop a new advertising strategy.

Step 5

For example, if you are selling an anti-aging face cream, then focus on a high anti-aging effect. Pay attention to your customers how their appearance will be transformed after using your product. Provide examples of clinical trials where the description of a positive result will be supported by scientific evidence.

Step 6

Most manufacturers, wishing to emphasize the economy of their products, indicate in the accompanying documentation how much, on average, one tube is enough. Use this in your advertising campaign. For example, one jar of cream worth 1500 rubles. enough for two months. So, 1500 rubles / 60 days. It turns out 25 rubles a day. On your banner, place as a headline "Excellent care and rejuvenation for 25 rubles a day!" and then place the image and the main ad copy. This will help you to significantly increase your sales.

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