Internet: Pros And Cons

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Internet: Pros And Cons
Internet: Pros And Cons

Video: Internet: Pros And Cons

Video: Internet: Pros And Cons
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Almost every family has a computer with Internet access. This fact can be regarded as ambiguous, since the presence of the Internet has both positive and negative sides.

Internet: pros and cons
Internet: pros and cons


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The Internet allows you to find various information, watch movies, listen to music without leaving your home. Sitting in front of a computer monitor, you can travel around the world, visit famous museums, cathedrals, art galleries of the world. Through the Internet, you can take various developmental courses, order food, clothes and much more at home on special sites.

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Through the Internet, you can easily find ready-made abstracts, term papers and other works on various topics. In addition, there are various types of earnings on the network, the profit from which in difficult times can help out great. The Internet allows you to find new friends or communicate with old acquaintances. This is possible via email, chat, social networks. Thanks to the invention of webcams, you can even see the interlocutor during communication.

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However, in addition to its advantages, the Internet has disadvantages. Sitting in front of a computer for several hours in a row, many do not think that it is very harmful to the eyes. Even if the monitor has reliable protection, it still has a negative effect on vision and the body as a whole. This effect can, to some extent, be compared to exposure to X-rays.

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Constant stay in front of a computer deprives the muscles of the body of movement, physical exercises, which they need for full functioning. Deprived of physical activity and walking in the fresh air, the body in the future can "take revenge" with various sores, and not only associated with the musculoskeletal system.

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It should be noted that the Internet does not always have a beneficial effect on the fragile child's psyche. First of all, this concerns adult sites and advertising, which is replete with, again, frank or cruel photographs and information unnecessary for a child. This problem can be solved by configuring the browser so that unnecessary information is filtered out. However, the best option is when the computer is in a shared room. This will allow the parents to control the child's actions.

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It is important for parents to agree with their children when they can use the Internet. For the full development of a child, it is unacceptable to sit for hours in front of the monitor. Real communication with peers should not be replaced by a virtual one.

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Thus, deleting the Internet from your life is not at all necessary. You just need to use it within reasonable limits, combining work at the computer with physical activity and communication with loved ones.

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