How To Make Money In GTA 5

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How To Make Money In GTA 5
How To Make Money In GTA 5

Video: How To Make Money In GTA 5

Video: How To Make Money In GTA 5
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In the game GTA 5, there are many different ways to spend the available money, but first you need to take it from somewhere. That is why many players are trying to find more information on how to make money in GTA.

How to make money in GTA 5
How to make money in GTA 5

To gain wealth, you can play on stock exchanges, commit robberies, look for treasures and take part in races. Some tasks are worth leaving for last - for example, additional missions suggested by Lester.

Earning opportunities

To earn the first money in the GTA game, most players start by robbing passers-by, shops and collectors. Having accumulated a little money as a result of such actions, you can invest, for example, in the purchase of a submarine in order to look for money at the bottom of water bodies. Gradually, as your capital grows, the earning opportunities increase.

Some of the players prefer to get income not particularly fast, but true. Having accumulated a sufficient amount, you can buy real estate, which will bring profits. It could be buying a golf club. And if you follow Lester's advice closely, it’s not hard to make several million in stocks.

How to make big money on robberies in GTA

To get huge profits in the GTA game, you can use the opportunity to commit one of the options for large-scale robberies. You must try to pass such missions the first time. If the player fails, he will not be able to receive the reward.

Here are the options for making money in GTA 5 on the passage of the robbery missions:

· Attack on a jewelry store. To successfully complete the mission, you will need to carefully select team members. Of the hackers, Ricky Lukens is the best, the shooter is Pak McReary, and Karim Denz is the driver. It's important to choose the right tactics carefully. The best option can be called option "B", a smart approach.

· Making a raid on the Bureau. Only Franklin can receive a reward for its implementation. If you apply tactic "B", you can get at least 30 thousand extra. When assembling a team to the place of the shooter, you should choose Norm Richards, the role of the hacker is best performed by Lukens, the driver - Karim Denz.

· Robbery in Paleto. Successful completion of the assignment will bring an amount of $ 8 million or more. Shots in the back should be avoided - they will reduce earnings. As for the partners, you can trust Paky McReary, but only if he has already been tested in the mission with the jeweler. Otherwise, you should use the services of the Chief. Other participants in the execution of such a quest die or begin to demand excessive amounts.

· Huge jackpot - here, for each participant, the capital received can be from 40 million. Of course, provided that the team will perform all actions in a coordinated manner. To form its composition, it is worth taking on the role of the pilot Taliana, the driver - Kerim Denz. Any shooter will do, except for Gustavo Mota. Choosing option "A" for passing, you will receive a drop in income, so you should abandon it in favor of option "B".

The listed methods are the main ones for making money in GTA. The passage of the game can make any of the players rich - it all depends on his skills and ability to calculate events.

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