How To Make A Lot Of Money In GTA 5

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How To Make A Lot Of Money In GTA 5
How To Make A Lot Of Money In GTA 5

Video: How To Make A Lot Of Money In GTA 5

Video: How To Make A Lot Of Money In GTA 5
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Almost every fan of the game tries to make money in GTA. Cash means a lot in it. There are many temptations in the game, so you must try not only to earn money, but also not to waste it.

How to make a lot of money in GTA 5
How to make a lot of money in GTA 5

There are several ways to make money in GTA. Having become familiar with them, the player can make a fortune for himself.


In the GTA game, robberies are one of the most convenient ways to get money. The player begins to rob passers-by for the purpose of enrichment, sometimes robberies end in murders. There is little profit from passers-by. If you try to rob a person who is next to an ATM, you can get a fairly decent amount.

If a passer-by robbed by another character appears in your area of attention, begging for help, by all means help. Catch up with the criminal and try to take away the loot. Do as you see fit with the seized funds - you can return them to the owner or appropriate them.

The game offers another way to easily get money - to pick up what is lying on the ground. You can find money and even weapons near the place of detention of criminals by police officers. Having picked up something, you need to quickly run away so as not to make problems.

Collectors and sellers

Track the movement of collector vans with the help of the map. Here, too, you can get hold of money by killing collectors and blowing up doors with a grenade launcher. The sums carried by collectors are considerable, often you can get more than $ 5,000 at a time. After you clear the van, hurry to escape the crime scene before the police catch you.

The checkout can be cleared at any store. Just go there, point the weapon at the seller - you can take everything that he has at the checkout. But don't go to the same place too often - you may run into a desperate salesman who has acquired weapons to repel attacks by robbers like you.

Stock Markets, Leicester Missions

Completing the missions offered by Lester is a rather difficult way of earning money. Missions are related to fraud in the stock markets. Listen as closely as possible to what Lester has to say about investing. Then buy stocks to increase your capital. In the "Menu" you can always re-read any of the dialogs.

Undersea world

With enough finance, you can acquire a fully equipped submarine. Then you will have the opportunity to explore the space under water, where you can also find a lot of interesting things.

For example, there are many packages under water, each of which contains decent amounts - finding $ 12,000 there is not a problem. A map can help in finding such packages.

Earnings on shares

After you have completed the main storyline, you can invest $ 30 million in Merryweather Security stocks to make money on it. Due to the growth in the price of shares, it is possible to get a profit of 6 million.

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