How To Calculate Ah Pi

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How To Calculate Ah Pi
How To Calculate Ah Pi

Video: How To Calculate Ah Pi

Video: How To Calculate Ah Pi
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An IP address is a unique network identifier for a computer connected to the Internet. There can be no two computers with the same ip on the network at the same time. Usually, the user does not have to track the ip-address of his or someone else's computer, but sometimes it becomes necessary.

How to calculate ah pi
How to calculate ah pi


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Working on the Internet is fraught with dangers. There is a great risk of being deceived and fraudulent; Trojans that penetrate your computer are ready to steal confidential information and forward it to their owner. To protect yourself, you must follow certain safety measures. One of these measures can be tracking the ip-address of a network resource, a person communicating with you.

Step 2

If you know the domain name of a resource, you can find it out by ip-ping. For example, you need to find out the google ip address. Open a command prompt, type the command: ping and press Enter. In the first line that appears, after the words "Exchange packages with", you will see the ip-address of this resource.

Step 3

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find out the ip of the computer with which the connection is established. You can do this by typing netstat –aon at the command line and pressing Enter. You will see a list of connections. The "External address" column will contain the ip-addresses of the computers you are interested in. The "Status" column will give you information about the state of the current connection. LISTENING - a program running on your computer is waiting for a connection. ESTABLISHED - connection established.

Step 4

Knowing the ip-address, you can try to get some information about it. To do this, use any suitable network service, for example, Enter the ip of the computer you are interested in in the search bar, click "Send". You will see all available information for this ip.

Step 5

On the above resource, you can check your ip address. This is useful if you use an anonymizer or proxy server and want to check your anonymity.

Step 6

If a suspicious letter has come to your mailbox, you can check the IP address of its sender. This can be done both in the mail program, by viewing the letter header, or directly in the browser, on the page of your mail service. For example, if you use Rambler, to view the sender's ip-address, open the letter you are interested in, select the "Other actions" menu, in it - "Mail headers". The header of the letter will contain all information about the letter, including its ip-address.