How To Pay Taxes Online

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How To Pay Taxes Online
How To Pay Taxes Online

Video: How To Pay Taxes Online

Video: How To Pay Taxes Online
Video: How to pay the IRS online. Pay income taxes. Pay the IRS taxes online, by mail. Pay 1040 online 2023, May

Paying taxes using the Internet is a convenient way to fulfill your obligations to the budget, which allows you to save time on trips to the bank and standing in queues. This option is not particularly difficult and is quite within the power of a person who does not have an accounting education.

How to pay taxes online
How to pay taxes online

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - bank account;
  • - "Bank-Client" system or Internet banking;
  • - details of your tax office;
  • - the amount of tax payable;
  • - account balance sufficient for making a payment.


Step 1

Calculate the amount of tax to be paid. For the majority of transactions of individuals, the income tax from which they are obliged to pay independently, a personal income tax is levied in the amount of 13% of income. Entrepreneurs pay mainly a single tax due to the application of a simplified taxation system or a single tax on imputed income, but there are other options.

Step 2

Log in to the "Bank-Client" system or Internet banking. If you are an individual entrepreneur, you can use any account to pay taxes on business income, both open for business and belonging to you as an individual. Businesses should pay taxes from their checking account, otherwise inspectors may not credit the payment.

Step 3

In the "Client-bank" select the option of generating a payment order. In Internet banking, accounts for an individual are transfers.

Step 4

Insert the details of your tax office in the fields provided for them. You can find out them using the appropriate service on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. It is most reliable to copy them from an electronic source, this will avoid errors.

Step 5

Enter the payment amount in the field provided for it.

Step 6

In the section for the order (or type) of payment, select the option that is closest in terms of the meaning of paying taxes (transfers to the budget, etc.).

Step 7

Give a command to pay. When using the "Bank-client", after the completion of the formation of the payment, the option of binding the document with an electronic digital signature and transferring it to the bank for execution is usually used. Additional customer identification can be used in Internet banking. For example, using a one-time SMS password.

Step 8

To confirm a payment made through the "Bank-Client" system, it is enough to print an electronic payment with a bank mark. for a document confirming that taxes were paid through Internet banking from an individual's account, it will not be superfluous to go to the nearest branch of your bank.

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