Which E-wallet Is Better To Choose

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Which E-wallet Is Better To Choose
Which E-wallet Is Better To Choose

Video: Which E-wallet Is Better To Choose

Video: Which E-wallet Is Better To Choose
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The popularity of e-wallets is growing every day. There are several payment systems that want to offer you their money transfer services. Each of them has its own characteristics, however, they are united by the commission that the system takes for each transaction.

Which e-wallet is better to choose
Which e-wallet is better to choose

What is an electronic wallet for?

The main advantage of payment systems is the ability to transfer and receive funds literally in a matter of seconds from anywhere in the world.

Electronic money systems can be used to pay for the Internet, utilities, landline and mobile communications, cable TV and goods in most online stores.

In addition, an electronic wallet is a must for people working remotely. It allows you to get earned money or royalties in this way.

Payment system WebMoney

Money WebMoney is a proven electronic money system that has existed in Russia for several years. Its main advantage is the ability to work with different currencies. There are signs in the system, the denomination of which corresponds to a specific currency:

• WMR - equivalent of rubles;

• WMZ - dollar equivalent;

• WME - Euro equivalent;

• WMU - the equivalent of the Ukrainian hryvnia.

The system commission for transactions is 0.8%. It should be noted that for work, you must have a certificate of at least formal. To receive it, you will need to indicate your passport details, mobile phone number and send a scan of the main page of your passport.

Electronic wallet Yandex Money

It is perhaps the easiest way to create a wallet in the Yandex system. To do this, you will need to create an email and account. After that, you need to follow the "Money" link inside the mailbox.

Unlike WebMoney, Yandex Money can be anonymous. You do not need to provide your personal data to carry out transactions. However, this payment system works only with rubles and has a commission of 3%.

QIWI wallet

The QIWI payment system quickly gained popularity. Not so long ago there was an opportunity to pay in dollars. To open an electronic account, you only need a mobile phone number. A password will be sent to your number, which you will need to enter in the registration form. System commission from 0.5 to 3%.

All payment systems are good in their own way. To choose the most suitable option for yourself, find out which payment system your company uses.

If you constantly have to exchange currencies or you work with dollars, it would be better to create a WebMoney wallet. If simplicity and ease of use are more important for you, take a closer look at the QIWI or Yandex Money payment system.

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