Which Is Better: YandexMoney Or WebMoney?

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Which Is Better: YandexMoney Or WebMoney?
Which Is Better: YandexMoney Or WebMoney?

Video: Which Is Better: YandexMoney Or WebMoney?

Video: Which Is Better: YandexMoney Or WebMoney?
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In order to earn or spend money on the Internet, you cannot do without the use of electronic payment systems. There are quite a few of them, but two of the most famous and widely used ones stand out against the background of the rest. These are YandexMoney and WebMoney.

Which is better: YandexMoney or WebMoney?
Which is better: YandexMoney or WebMoney?

Yandex money

YandexMoney is the simplest electronic payment system. It's pretty easy to sign up here and then create your own wallet. On the other hand, such simplicity implies a weak degree of protection. All operations are actually performed using two passwords. The first one is required to log into your account, the second one is needed to confirm money transfers. YandexMoney also operates with only one type of currency - the Russian ruble.

The disadvantages of YandexMoney include:

- weak protection against hacking (the possibility of intruders to take possession of other people's money is very likely);

- impossibility to pay in popular online stores in Europe or the United States of America (YandexMoney remains profitable only in the CIS);

- Difficulties in operations for transferring finance to and from a bank card.

YandexMoney pluses:

- easy access to your own finances (you just need to open a browser and you can pay for all kinds of services);

- instant payment for utilities, communication services, telephony and other services;

- the presence of this payment system in many terminals of the Russian Federation;

- relatively little time is spent on making transactions with payment or transfer of funds.


The WebMoney payment system is distinguished by its great protection against hacking. Operates with a large number of currencies, including the gold equivalent. There is a variety of additional services, as well as information protection and verification of the user's identity. WebMoney certificates and confirmation of transactions via SMS messages will save finances as much as possible from unauthorized access to them.

Cons of WebMoney:

- a complex identification procedure, that is, it is inconvenient to log into the WebMoney client (for payment, you constantly have to start the client, deploy the entire system, enter passwords and ID, you may also need to enter the key file, password for them and confirm the code from SMS);

- inconvenient procedure for recovering a password if it is lost (if the key file is lost, access to the account can be restored for months);

- lack of Russian-language services in the client;

- the need to attach a bank card when transferring funds to it from WebMoney;

- Difficulties in obtaining certificates (most of them are paid).

Advantages of WebMoney over Yandex money:

- a higher degree of protection;

- powerful, but somewhat slow technical support;

- WebMoney money is accepted in almost all paid Internet services around the world.

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