How To Block Wmid

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How To Block Wmid
How To Block Wmid

Video: How To Block Wmid

Video: How To Block Wmid
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If you go to the Internet not only to watch news, communicate with friends, but also to purchase or sell a particular product, then you are already familiar with the WebMoney system. Each member of the system has its own identification number - wmid. It is under this name that you are recognized in the system, your reputation and reliability are determined. Blocking wmid is a blow to the reputation of a member of the WebMoney system. How to avoid this or, conversely, block the wmid of the partner who has not fulfilled the obligation?

How to block wmid
How to block wmid


Step 1

There can be several reasons for blocking wmid:

1. Exceeding the storage limit for your passport;

2. The business partner's claim sent to Arbitration;

3. Violation of the rules established by the WebMoney system: the presence of several wmids with formal certificates for the same personal data; carrying out illegal transactions (the description of the payment contains such topics as weapons, theft, drugs, etc.).

Step 2

In order to avoid blocking your wmid, follow the rules for using the WebMoney system:

• If you are planning to increase the volume of financial transactions, get an initial, or better, a personal passport or a seller's passport.

• Attach all received wmids to one certificate.

• Choose reliable partners who will not jeopardize your reputation by indicating illegal actions in the payment description (for example, “for organizing intimate services”).

Step 3

If you yourself want to block the scammer's wmid, contact the System Arbitration. This can be done even if you are not a member. However, in this case, as well as when your (applicant's) certificate is lower than that of the offender, the claim will be published only after its preliminary verification. If the facts stated in the complaint are confirmed, the complaint will be published, and the violator's wmid is blocked.

Step 4

If your (applicant's) passport is higher, the claim will be published immediately. In order for his Wmid to be blocked immediately, make a security deposit. Its size depends on the amount of funds in the offender's account and ranges from 2 to 10 dollars.

If the violation is not confirmed, this amount will be transferred to the owner of the blocked wmid as moral compensation. Otherwise, it is returned to the applicant. If you are sure that you are right, then you do not risk anything by depositing the security amount.

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