How To Access The Internet Via Wi-fi

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How To Access The Internet Via Wi-fi
How To Access The Internet Via Wi-fi

Video: How To Access The Internet Via Wi-fi

Video: How To Access The Internet Via Wi-fi
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Wi-fi is becoming an increasingly preferred form of connection, both in a public place and at home or in the office. It has two significant advantages that many users distinguish from others, namely the absence of wires and almost universal access.

How to access the Internet via wi-fi
How to access the Internet via wi-fi


Step 1

If a computer or laptop falls into the coverage area of a wireless network and there is a possibility of connecting via wi-fi (at home, apartment, hotel, airport, cafe, park, etc.), it usually finds the network itself. You can understand this by activating the icon in the lower right part of the screen. It becomes brighter and flickers slightly.

Step 2

If the network is free, then the Internet is connected automatically. If this does not happen, try clicking on the icon and select "Wireless & networks" from the menu that opens. Typically, this will display a small list of wireless networks that have a source nearby. But most of them are protected by an access code, as indicated by the key icon opposite the name. If you know the passcode, enter it and the computer will do the rest.

Step 3

If you assume that the network is free, and there is no connection, then contact the employee of the public place in which you are. As a rule, such problems arise at airports, train stations, cafes, restaurants and other crowded places.

Step 4

It happens that the computer managed to successfully access the Internet via wi-fi, but you still cannot get to the required email address. Try to just launch your browser. A page with prices and payment methods may open. Read them and contact the appropriate service to pay for access. This practice is often used in hotels.

Step 5

The access key is usually entered once. The next time your computer is within the coverage area of this network, the connection will be made automatically, subject to a paid bill, of course.

Step 6

You do not need to disconnect from the wireless network, the computer will also do it itself as soon as it leaves its range. You can do this on your own by clicking on the wireless connection icon and clicking the "Disconnect" button. In addition, you can disconnect through the menu "Start" -> "Connections" -> "Disconnect".

Step 7

The disadvantages of connecting via wi-fi are the lack of access points (hotspots) in small towns and other settlements. As a rule, only large cities and central airports can boast of this.

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