How To Find Films In Italian

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How To Find Films In Italian
How To Find Films In Italian

Video: How To Find Films In Italian

Video: How To Find Films In Italian
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Watching feature films in Italian will help you learn it. If you own it enough, you can simply enjoy the movie or brush up on your knowledge.

How to find films in Italian
How to find films in Italian


Step 1

Register in the popular social network VKontakte. Then type in the search bar at the top of the page the name of the specific video you want to watch, or a free-form query such as "Movies in Italian". Filter by category of search "Videos" and enjoy watching the found movies. You can add videos you like to your own recordings so that they are not lost.

Step 2

Watch educational videos built in the form of feature films on The site recommends disassembling one small series per week. This is a great option for learning a language, coupled with courses and reading books in Italian. This engages three channels: oral, visual, and auditory.

Step 3

Download films in Italian at Here you can find not only films made in Italy, but also Russian-language films translated into Italian. An excellent option for those with an intermediate level of Italian. If you have already watched a movie in Russian, it will not be difficult for you to understand the foreign language version. It will also help you expand your vocabulary.

Step 4

Watch films in Italian at There is a convenient directory here, with which you can find the movie by title in alphabetical order. The site has films translated into Italian from other languages. This allows you to watch the masterpieces of world cinema and improve your language skills at the same time.

Step 5

Learn Italian with Here the same film is presented in Russian and Italian. If you don't understand a passage, the native language version will help you adapt. The site contains the magnificent creations of directors and actors from Italy in the 50s, 60s and 70s of the 20th century, which have become timeless classics.

Step 6

Choose any of the available TV channels in Italy on the website Go through a quick registration and watch not only feature films, but also TV series, cartoons and programs in Italian. Each channel is accompanied by a short Russian-language announcement on its topic. Here you can watch both classic and modern films from different countries in the Italian language.

Step 7

Find movies in Italian at If you register, you will be able to add your favorite films to the list of favorites.

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