What Is A Forum

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What Is A Forum
What Is A Forum

Video: What Is A Forum

Video: What Is A Forum
Video: What is a Forum? A video lesson by JellSoL 2023, March

Among the currently existing methods of communication of several persons on one resource, one can single out such categories as chat and forum. Chats are already an outdated form of communication and every day they are losing popularity, which cannot be said about forums.

What is a forum
What is a forum


Step 1

A forum is nothing more than a thematic communication of two or more users related to any interest. What is the difference between forums and chats? The chat does not follow the format of a conversation on a specific topic, and the forum is used only for these purposes.

Step 2

But a forum is not just a set of rules that dictate how to communicate. For free communication (i.e. on a free topic), there are special sections and topics. For example, on a certain forum there is a section "Smoking room", inside which absolutely any topic can be raised that does not contradict the rules of the forum.

Step 3

To search for information or any discussion, use the search form. As a rule, you can go to this form by clicking the "Search" link (at the top or side of the loaded page). In the empty field of the search form, you must enter the desired topic or words, then press the "Search" button or press Enter.

Step 4

If you are not satisfied with the search results, please create a new topic. To do this, go to a specific section and click the "New Topic" button. Next, you need to fill in the empty form fields: topic name, description, message text, etc. Then click the "Create" button.

Step 5

If you spend a small amount of time at the computer or cannot constantly look at the forum, it is recommended to subscribe to this topic. Each forum has its own design and structure, so the subscription to topics is different. In some cases, it is enough to put a checkmark in front of the item "Notify me of receiving an answer", in other cases it is necessary to activate the subscription when adding a response.

Step 6

After creating a subscription to a topic, your email will receive letters if there are new messages in it. Typically, the text of the message is displayed in the letter, but not always. To refuse to receive such letters, just click the corresponding link in the body of the letter.

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