How To Buy A Disc Online

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How To Buy A Disc Online
How To Buy A Disc Online

Video: How To Buy A Disc Online

Video: How To Buy A Disc Online
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It seems that there is nothing easier than buying a disc with your favorite music, game or movie. However, if you are sorely short of time to go shopping or the nearest place where the product you are looking for is located, at best, in a neighboring city, it makes sense to look for a disc in an online store.

How to buy a disc on the Internet
How to buy a disc on the Internet


  • - browser;
  • - mail client;
  • - the amount sufficient to pay for the order.


Step 1

Having found the disc you are interested in in several stores at once, compare the prices on these resources, payment methods, order fulfillment times and delivery terms. Choose the option that works best for you. If the disc is found on a foreign Internet resource, check if this store is shipping its goods to your country.

Step 2

Search the store's website and read the ordering instructions. Place your order in the order described in the instructions.

Step 3

If you are going to order a disc in an online store whose warehouse is located in your city, find a phone number for inquiries and make sure that the product you are interested in is actually in stock. Of course, the information on the websites of such stores is updated, but this does not happen every minute and it may turn out that the disc you need has already been sold out.

Step 4

After choosing an Internet resource, start collecting your order. To do this, click on the "Buy" or "Add to cart" button, which is usually located under the product description. In some stores, after clicking on this button, a window with a registration form opens, although most often this happens when placing an order. Fill out this form. If required by the resource rules, wait for the e-mail message containing the link to confirm registration. Click on the link from this letter.

Step 5

If you are going to order more than one disc, collect your orders in the basket and click on the "Continue ordering" button. Choose from the available options a method of delivery and payment.

Step 6

When choosing a courier delivery, indicate the address where you will be staying during business hours and fill in the courier instructions field. In them, indicate the period of time during which you can be found at the specified address. If you live in a large city, describe the route from the nearest metro station. If you ordered delivery to your work address, indicate the floor and room or office number in the instructions. If the building where you work has a pass system, indicate how the courier will be able to contact you.

Step 7

Wait for a letter with your order number. Some online stores that deliver goods by mail require you to confirm your order with an email message. Please send confirmation if necessary.

Step 8

If you are going to pay for the disc with a bank card, after confirming the order, select the type of card, enter its number and click on the "Pay" button.

Step 9

Do not delete the email with the order number until your purchase is delivered. You can refer to this number when communicating with the store manager and find out the fate of your disc.

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