How To Find Out The Owner Of A Domain

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How To Find Out The Owner Of A Domain
How To Find Out The Owner Of A Domain

Video: How To Find Out The Owner Of A Domain

Video: How To Find Out The Owner Of A Domain
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Domains have been the main means of addressing on the Internet for a very long time. The domain is the "face" and the main asset of every website. The number of domains registered at the moment is in the hundreds of millions. Because of this, choosing a short and memorable name is very problematic. However, approximately thirty percent of domain names are not used. And it is often preferable for webmasters to buy out an already registered name. But the first question that arises in such a case is how to find out the owner of the domain.

How to find out the owner of a domain
How to find out the owner of a domain

It is necessary

Modern browser. Access to the Internet


Step 1

Use whois information to determine the owner of the domain. Query whois databases using the online services of official organizations such as ICANN, RIPN, or domain registrar services. Use the request form located at to find information about domains in most gTLD zones or the form located at to view information about domains in the. RU zone. If you need to regularly request whois information about a significant number of domains, download and install the free Domain Name Analyzer software available at It can also be useful for retrieving information from whois databases that do not have a web interface. When making inquiries to whois, be prepared for the fact that for many domains the owner information will be hidden using the privacy protection option. In this case, try setting the owner by following the steps in the next steps

Step 2

Use information to get the. RU domain administrator's email address. The service stores data only about newly registered domains and only about domains in the. RU zone. But it can be quite useful if the current information in the whois database is hidden.

Step 3

Use information from the site that the domain points to. The domain you want to get information about can be delegated. Perhaps he is addressing a valid site. Explore the site addressed by the domain for any contacts that will lead to the owner of the domain.

Step 4

Use saved copies of pages of sites that have ever been addressed by a domain to get contacts of its possible owner. Use the search form of the service located at for a list of saved pages, grouped by date. Examine the content of the pages to get the contacts of the domain owner

Step 5

Please try to contact the domain owner by email. Send emails to the most common email addresses used for administrative contacts. These addresses can be webmaster @ domain_name, admin @ domain_name, postmaster @ domain_name. Perhaps some of them are actually used.

Step 6

Use search engines to find mentions of the domain and its owner and find domain email addresses. Run queries like "domain_name" and "@ domain_name" to search engines. Quotation marks in the query define the fragment that should be represented by an exact match in the result. If email addresses located in the domain were found, write letters to them with a request to provide information about the domain owner.

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