Best Life Hacks And Secrets For Aliexpress

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Best Life Hacks And Secrets For Aliexpress
Best Life Hacks And Secrets For Aliexpress

Video: Best Life Hacks And Secrets For Aliexpress

Video: Best Life Hacks And Secrets For Aliexpress
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Today Aliexpress is one of the most popular and demanded trading platforms in the whole world. If you are reading this article, chances are you also love this resource. To get the most out of your purchases with Aliexpress, take on a few interesting life hacks.

Best life hacks and secrets for Aliexpress
Best life hacks and secrets for Aliexpress


Step 1

Before making any purchase on Aliexpress, the first thing to do is find video reviews and reviews of this product on Youtube. This service has a huge variety of video reviews for a variety of products. You will learn in advance about the good faith of the seller and about the presence or absence of pitfalls.

Step 2

Ordering products through a mobile app rather than a website is a great way to save money. There are always discounts that are not available on the site. The application is very easy to use and, moreover, it is convenient to quickly receive various bonuses, coupons and leave requests for "freebies" from Aliexpress.

Step 3

If you buy a thing that is valuable to you and are worried about its authenticity and condition, be sure to film the unpacking of the parcel on video. Mount the phone with the camera facing the unopened box. Show the sender's and recipient's addresses to the camera, unpack and inspect the goods. Firstly, this way you will be armed with evidence if the purchase does not correspond to the declared quality. Secondly, you can upload this video to any suitable Internet resource and help other buyers with a choice.

Step 4

Sometimes right after making a purchase on Aliexpress, it is not possible to track the parcel by track number. Don't be alarmed. This happens when the product is inexpensive and has free shipping. The point is the congestion of mail with such items. As a rule, on the third or fifth day after sending, the track number begins to be perfectly tracked.

Step 5

Try to leave feedback not immediately after receiving the parcel, but after a few days, when you have tested the product well. If you have already left a positive review on Aliexpress and after a couple of weeks the purchase did not suit you in some way, the review can be changed. It is available for thirty days. In addition, if you reasonably change the review to negative, the seller, wanting to resolve the conflict, can replace your product, provide discounts, and even send you a gift.

Step 6

For maximum benefit from placing orders, do not neglect the use of cashback services. By registering on one of these websites, you can get a percentage back to your wallet from every purchase made on Aliexpress. To do this, you just need to make the transition from such a resource by clicking on the "Buy with cashback" button. Smart shopping for you!

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